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High Performance Handbook - Reviews Pros and Cons of Cressey's Work

The well known fitness coach, Eric Cressey, has released the High Performance Handbook and this review covers important details about the book.


Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2013 --This High Performance Handbook review is based on Eric Cressey's work as a coach. If one purchases this handbook, one receives the training manual, a quick reference guide and two additional programs (Flexion and Extension) as well as weekly 2, 3 and 4-Day training templates.

Here is a list of pros and cons gleaned from this High Performance Handbook review:

The pros of the program:

The author, Eric Cressey is an athlete and a power lifter. He also co-owns the company Cressey Performance which has great baseball-specific training. Eric is one of the top high performances coaches world-wide today and has also co-authored a book on Maximum Strength with Matt Fitzgerald that has received 4.5 star reviews on Amazon.

He wrote the manual because there is not one program that is suitable for everyone.

There is a video assessment where one can determine his own pattern, posture and movements. This will determine whether one falls into the flexion or the extension bias.

One can then choose templates based on how many times a week you want to train and which area to focus on – fat loss, strength or athletic performance.

This specific attention to detail makes people using this program well ahead of an average person doing gym workouts. Click her to learn more about this.

The FAQ section is great as it covers all the basics. 88 questions are answered here, from technique to programming.

Another reason this HPH handbook is great is because Eric goes into detail about equipment. Some readers will have a home gym, for example, whereas others will have access to a huge variety of professional equipment at high end gyms or even the Y. There is a section which details specific exercise to compensate if a gym does not have all the equipment necessary.

The customization in this handbook is awesome. It addresses two different types of body, the flexion and the extension and three different goals, fat loss, strength and athletic performance. Then Eric goes even further with recommendations as well as program modification for lifters over 40, overhead athletes, people who want to include Olympic lifts in the program and those who want to use the templates when it is their competitive season.

The basic steps are: use the video to access which program is best for one's individual needs. Then set goals, set schedule, review the exercises carefully and go ahead and begin.

The program uses video to help determine body type and there are also videos on exercise techniques. There is nothing like looking at a video to see exactly how an exercise is done. Reading about it is not in the same category as seeing it performed.

There is a quick start video guide where one will find every exercise hyperlinked and they are even in alphabetical order to make it easy to use.

A nutrition guide is included in the handbook which was created by Brian St. Pierre and covers a broad range of different nutritional issues. For this version, the handbook costs $119.99.

The price is a very reasonable $79.99 for the handbook without the nutritional guide, especially considering everything that is included. That means it works out to less than $5 per week because it's four full months of programming.

They have a 60 day refund policy and a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Click here to visit the website for more details .

The negatives to the program

One must stick with your specific program to get results.

If not comfortable doing all this, one might be better off going to a gym and getting personalized instruction.

There is no forum that specifically addresses this handbook - only the FAQ section.

This High Performance Handbook Review has found more pros than cons and overall the handbook is a great buy. In fact, with the great customized approach of HPH, one should be able to reach any training and performance goals quickly and easily with this tailored workout.

Overall, the handbook really is a solid piece of literature for the workout buff. For more information, feel free to read this full review: or visit the official website to learn more about the actual program by clicking here: visit official website.

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