HIITMAT Is a Smart and Integrated Fitness Mat and Mobile App That Lets Users Effectively Track HIIT Workouts


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2018 --HIITMAT, the revolutionary new portable and smart fitness mat that links to phones and tablets to guide, track, monitor and record entire workouts, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

HIIT or 'High Intensity Interval Training' is a type of training that is for everybody of all fitness levels, from the very beginners to the well rehearsed fitness enthusiasts. HIIT effectively means doing an exercise at between 80-100% intensity for a set duration/interval and then having a rest for a set duration/interval. Then simply repeat this for as many 'intervals' wanted.

"We have always been heavily involved in fitness and the industry as a whole. Whilst on a fitness retreat in Ibiza, which was focused around fat burning and body toning, a lot of the focus was on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). We instantly loved it because it was efficient, fun, and we started to see results extremely quickly," says co-founder Alex Sewell on the inspiration behind the project. "That being said, we had a team of personal trainers there guiding and tracking us every step of the way, and after we returned home from the retreat we immediately realized that it was very difficult to motivate ourselves to construct a HIIT workout as well as track the time, reps, heart rate and all the other parameters."

The patent pending HIITMAT mat and app gives the power of a personal trainer to anyone, anytime and anywhere. It has in-built sensors that are used to record repetitions of each exercise and each interval. This allows the app to monitor reps, guide their hands and feet to exact placement, and more all with the goal of maximizing the workout for ultimate effectiveness and efficiency. To provide guidance throughout the workout, the HIITMAT also utilizes integrated zonal lighting. The app instructs which zones to illuminate on the mat based on which exercise is being performed.

In addition users can use the app to create their own workout or choose from an extensive built-in workout library which currently includes over 40 different exercises and is constantly being updated. The HIITMAT truly represents the next generation of fitness.

"Fitness, health and lifestyle is a huge part of people's lives in today's world, but having a healthy lifestyle is proving more and more difficult with the constraints of work, family and other every day restrictions. We think that this is why HIIT is becoming so popular, because it's effective, time efficient and can be done anywhere," adds Sewell on the inspiration behind the project. "Therefore what should be a very time efficient and effective workout method becomes a very inefficient and demoralizing method. With HIITMAT people can enjoy the full benefits of HIIT, and as a result see the benefits in all other areas of their lives as well."

The HIITMAT is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2F7eCWJ.

HIITMAT is a new London-based fitness company. They are focused on facilitating revolutionary ways in which people of all fitness levels can enjoy and reap the benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training);  a method that is regarded by many professionals as the optimum way to keep in shape. Many people are intimidated by the term 'HIIT' and immediately think that it's only for the experts, however this is far from the truth and HIITMAT intend to educate the beginners and push the professionals by offering products and services that eliminate the complexities but maximize the benefits.

For more information on HIITMAT please visit https://www.hiit-mat.com.