Hindsight Rear-View Camera System to Revolutionize the Way the World Views Backup Camera Systems


Port Stanley, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --When dealing with the matter of forward-thinking electronics, hindsight is always 20/20. For instance, had the world known how imperative a totally portable, quick-install backup camera system would be to society, it would have been created long ago. Nevertheless, as per usual, the world has taken some time to catch up to the incredible breakthroughs being made in the world of technology. Now, the world is finally ready for Hindsight.

A product that has been carefully crafted by a small group of engineers based in both Canada and the United Kingdom, Hindsight is the answer to an array of camera system related needs. Having the means to be able to record one's surroundings while on the road is now more vital than ever. Presently, only approximately 25% of vehicles come with their own backup camera system. Hindsight will make this technology more accessible than ever.

Finally prepared for mass production, Hindsight will eliminate many of the obstacles preventing backup camera systems from becoming the norm rather than the exception. Rather than pay astronomical markups at the dealer or enduring the complex installation process that accompanies other backup camera systems, Hindsight offers a smart backup camera that installs in a matter of seconds and without the use of any tools. Moreover, by downloading the complimentary app, users can see and control the camera from the comfort of their tablet or smartphone and from up to 100 feet away.

An easily transferable, yet secure, all-purpose backup camera system, Hindsight is not just for cars, but it also works great for trucks, buses, RVs, big rigs, and more. In addition to that, for stores and businesses that are seeking a quick-install camera system, Hindsight is the perfect answer to this matter as well.

Presently in the funding phase, the creators of Hindsight are now accepting donations from those who possess the foresight to recognize the value of this invention. Although there are multiple ways to go about acquiring the necessary capital, Crowdfunding is the best and most efficient way to make Hindsight available to the general public, in a short period of time. The creators of Hindsight have launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to make this happen.

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