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Hip-Hop and Rap Artist Kid Hartha Drops Debut Album to Make Truth-Telling an Experience

Now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp, the independently released EP "The Kid Hartha Experience" is launched to a worldwide audience. Driving beats toward spirituality and storytelling, Kid Hartha’s debut album embodies the artist’s truth and a potent, yet lyrical, take on hip-hop.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --Grabbing attention via a digital age medium and a progressive approach, hip-hop/rap artist Kid Hartha launches his debut album on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. "The Kid Hartha Experience," in six cuts, charismatically commentates on timeless and timely riotous issues as recent as the 2016 presidential election. The hip-hop song download tackles societal ills like hatred, addiction, abandonment, and terrorism. Eliciting a high-impact response Hartha's debut even goes renegade with consciousness. Tapping the idea that time spent "Lettin' It Go" pays a monumental score, the album keeps it real with spirituality, hope, and unmatched urban verve.

"Hustling out of Chicago" as the artist humbly puts it; Kid Hartha will be performing rap hip hop cuts from the album in the upcoming months in and around the Windy City. Recorded at RaxTrax Studios in Chicago, and officially released on November 8th, the unique perspective of Joseph Pembroke Jr., A.K.A. Kid Hartha pays homage to Tupac, Nas and other renown rap icons. In the EP's six songs the artist tells stories with a timeless feel thanks to producers Andre.On.Beat, MadReal, and LexiBanks.

With perseverance as his battle cry, Hartha dedicates his brand to innovative rap music haunting in its ability to incite change. A type of living memorial to the countless friends Hartha has lost to suicides, overdoses, incarceration, and murder; the online rap songs lead off with "Grown Ass Kid." They follow with "Stuck in the News" "Be The Way" featuring Demetruis Spidle, "Your Presence," "Graveyard" and "Lettin' It Go."

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About Kid Hartha
Kid Hartha is a hip-hop and rap artist dedicated to innovating lyricism into rap music. His work diligently, yet lyrically, pays homage to the storytelling, social discourse, and truth traditions that hip-hop embodies.

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