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HiSlider Company Offers Professional Quality JQuery Slider Software Free for Personal Use


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2013 --Experts unanimously agree that updating one's website is the best way to not only attract and retain website visitors, but to also improve the site's rankings in Google and other search engines. Of all the Web 2.0 and beyond design elements that have gained popularity in recent years, none have left such an enigmatic mark on web design as the JQuery slider. These dynamic sliders are popular among both content and ecommerce websites, as they offer an effective, easy way to capture the attention of the readers. While many bloggers and other site owners have wished to implement professional quality sliders on their own sites, up until recently doing so required proficient knowledge of coding. Fortunately, the development company Hi Slider has introduced a fully customizable, WYSIWYG app that can be used by anyone to create attractive JQuery sliders for their own websites in just a few minutes time.

The Hi Slider app allows for the use of pre-designed, customizable skins that can be incorporated quickly into a new design at the click of a button. Because of this, website owners can easily create their own sliders by simply entering a few tidbits of information and adding their own graphics as desired. Hi Slider offers a degree of customization unseen before in other similar apps, users can fully control background images, colors, navigation icons, and other parameters, allowing for them to produce unique free html5 gallery sliders that blend well with the existing design of their own website.

Best of all, the JQuery sliders created by the Hi Slider app can work across multiple platforms. So regardless if a website runs off of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or one of the other countless content management systems, the site owners can rest assured knowing that the slider such as free Joomla slider plugin created by this versatile app can be easily used on the site. And since the slider is created in the JQuery language, visitors of the website will be able to see the awesome design regardless of their computer's operating system. JQuery works amazingly well in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, across all the popular browsers like IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The bottom line is that the amazing effects and transitions created using the Hi Slider app will be seen and appreciated by all visitors.

Given how powerful this application is, one would reasonably expect to have to pay for it. However, the Hi Slider app is free for personal use and can be downloaded by anyone through the company's website. This is the best way for personal bloggers and those running non-profit, content websites to update their design to modern standards, providing the necessary visual stimulation that modern readers expect from an online site. In just a few minutes time, webmasters can have their very own fancy JQuery photo slideshow. For more information, visit the HiSlider.com website today.