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Historic Co-Production Between USA and Republic of Moldova


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2019 --"Charlotte", a horror feature film, went to camera on August 5, 2019, in Chisinau, Moldova and marks an historic first cinematic co-production and collaboration between The Republic of Moldova and the United States of America. "Charlotte" is being directed by the award-winning director Igor Savorski ("Werner Gruber"). Global Genesis Group is producing alongside Cinemascope Sadovski, Pascura Producctions and D├ęcor Time.

Global Genesis Group has the worldwide distribution rights.

"Charlotte" is an intelligent horror film reminiscent of the Jordan Peele movie "Get Out" and the popular and scary "Hereditary". "Charlotte" begins with Swedish paranormal researcher Anja Nilsson finding the elixir of youth, aided by a supernatural Polaroid camera. The camera ends up in the hands of a young girl named Charlotte, who is lost. Parents David and Lauren, who are suffering through a divorce while their only son is hospitalized with cancer, attempt to help Charlotte find her parents but instead get pulled into the horror of the camera and its consequences.

Director Igor Savorski said, "The film "Charlotte" is the most important project in my career. It is my second successful collaboration with Global Genesis Group and we are making the film an international project and shooting in English. We are excited to tell this story; it'll be visually stimulating and the horror will creep up on the audience. We have high hopes for the finished film."

"Charlotte" is written by Italian Filippo Santaniello, and shot by another Italian, D.O.P. Angelo D. Stramaglia, an internationally famous cinematographer.

Charles Morris Jr, Global Genesis Group's VP of Acquisition & Development, stated, "We were enthusiastic to meet the talented Igor Savorski in Cannes this year. He showed us his first feature, "Werner Gruber", and were so impressed we immediately signed it for worldwide distribution. When Igor approached us about co-producing a horror film with his company we again immediately jumped on the opportunity. We are excited "Charlotte" is starting to shoot in Moldava this week and, again, this co-production with the Republic of Moldava demonstrates our global reach. We look forward to completing post on "Charlotte" and we'll be ready to deliver another award-winning film to the world."

"Our objective is it to make a high quality film with mass international appeal."

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