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HJIG Chain Brings Block Chain Into the Automotive Industry


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 --HJIG chain is focusing on automotive aftermarket service. Their strong team has been focused on the issue of lacking of talents that restricts the development of the blockchain. HJIG chain owns advantage from its resources of human talents.

According to the data, the recent five years domestic automotive has been exceeded 16 million, the private cars conservatively estimated at more than 200 million. In such a rapidly developing automobile industry, what people see is not only the business opportunity and industry prospect, but also the market ecological construction that needs to be improved. With the rapid development of the Internet and the block chain, the block chain is also favored by people in the industry. It is involved in various fields and is constantly invading and changing the fate of the traditional industry. Although there are many people who have little knowledge of block chain, and many people think that block chain is a risk of bubble and has many problems, it still cannot stop people from changing their lives.

HJIG chain would like to change the future automobile industry through the block chain pattern , from all their propaganda and the white paper business planning, it mainly aims to create a series of ecological link and solve the existing problems in the industry currently. And when it refers to the second-hand car trading, it can pay attention to the information of automobile industry at any time from distributing artificial intelligence insurance, car washing, maintenance, positioning and setting up Internet service. Actually , there are like car networking platform before this, many people in the industry are not optimistic about the concept of block chain to save the development of the reform of the traditional industry. But one thing is positive, HJIG chain would like to chose tokens as its final currency, it is introduced by HJIG chain itself in their own building ecological system. It is said that this is can solve the high cost of car industry specification .

If you have to say what a block chain is, the most important thing is digital money. Block chain is completely based on the Internet and it is a new ecological institution created by enterprises or companies.Like HJIG chain, it wants to create an ideal field of automobile industry , Relayouting hundreds of millions of Chinese cars into the same HJIG chain and pulling them into HJIG chain platform, then they will push APP. Car owners download it and became one of the members. They could enjoy all the services on the APP and they must use the tokens they launched at the same time, this is the biggest problem. Block chain would not be valued by people is because too much digital money in current days. Some people want to use it to swindle money and make investors lose a lot of money, so the outside world's good impression on the block chain has been faded.

In fact, in the ideal framework of HJIG chain, it is not impossible for traditional industries to transform the Internet or even directly enter the block chain industry. It is possible, However, it requires time and test. If one party in the development breaks down, the whole ecological chain will collapse, so that more people will lose, and the so-called idealized block chain ecosystem will no longer exist.The HJIG chain, on the other hand, it is optimistic about the future automotive sector, and it could change sooner or later and it depends on who changes. Because the number of cars is increasing, and the sales volume of used cars is more and more beyond people's imagination, the development of the whole automobile field will be a bright future. It's just that not many people really understand the ecosystem that the HJIG chain wants to create, and how far can it go in the future?How to subvert the traditional automobile field could be the problem to be faced.For better or for worse, we'll see what happens with the HJIG chain.

About HJIG Chain Team
With the management of Tang Liang and the effort of every member of the HJIG chain team? HJIG chain of Atlas international group has strong strength in the market operation and application scenario implementation at its start. HJIG chain will bring opportunities for solving the current block chain embarrassing situation. It brings more possibilities for the implementation of the "block chain + automotive aftermarket" business model.