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HJIG Chain Focuses on Solving the Pain Point of Automotive Aftermarket Industry During the Era of "Block Chain"


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2018 --HJIG chain is an automotive aftermarket service company. HJIG chain strong team has been focused on the issue of lacking of talents that restricts the development of the block chain. HJIG chain owns advantage from its resources of human talents.

Since 2018, the "block chain +" has become the industry focused issue after the internet+ and share economy. Enterprises and many projects related to block chain obtained high attention by the market and investment organization. 2018 is the first year in the era of block chain. HJIG chain considers the branch field of block chain will have what kind of chemical reaction in the current auto industry. Will it bring the development reform for the auto industry has become one of the most concern topics by automobile staff.

China is one of the countries with the largest growth rate and the fastest development speed of car ownership in the world. Currently , the number of private cars in China has exceeded 200 million, and the annual growth of motor vehicles in the past five years has exceeded 16 million. HJIG chain sees the large amount of makes the car maintenance service become the most important rigid demand. But HJIG chain also sees that behind the rapid development of domestic car market, there are pain points like traffic difficulty, parking difficulty, poor maintenance environment, poor service, high charge, opaque, and industry nonstandard phenomenon. And emergence and development of chain technology could solve the automotive aftermarket service industry problems and brought opportunity. For example, HJIG chain is based on the block chain technology. HJIG chain offered the global auto market business model of the existing "block chain + car" through the construction of the global automotive aftermarket ecological chain.

Liang Tang, the founder of the HJIG chain and the chairman of the atlas car international group told journalist, "the automotive aftermarket" refers to car sales, a variety of services in the process of car use, it covers all the services consumers need after buying a car. It is the most stable profit source in the entire automobile industry chain, accounting for 60-70% of the total profit .The HJIG chain is built to integrate and optimize all processes related to the automotive aftermarket, such as purchasing, operation and vehicle maintenance. It links car owners, insurance companies, banks, national regulators and car makers through the HJIG chain platform. HJIG chain thinks the comprehensive market of "the whole vehicle operation period" will be formed, and the technological advantages such as untamable, traceable, intelligent contract, consensus mechanism and automatic disposal will be relied on and utilized. To solve the pain point in the development of automotive aftermarket in an all-round way and promote the stable and standardized development of automotive aftermarket.

The journalist said that the HJIG chain will use the block chain technology to connect the upstream and downstream parts in the specific operation mode. HJIG chain provides vehicle maintenance records of distributed books, auto parts and the use of positioning. Be complete, true, security, transparency, and HJIG chain provides industry standards for auto market after the application layer, process and mode of innovation industry for advertising and artificial intelligence to block the number of the underlying chain and smart contracts for trading platform. HJIG chain wants to build a global automotive aftermarket ecological chain and digital trading network in an all-round way. Finally HJIG chain solves the current automobile industry information dispersion and low credibility, seller's credit,difficulty to assess, high used-car cost, serious risk control problems in automobile finance, low after-car maintenance efficiency and poor coordination of automobile community.

Liang Tang, the HJIG chain founder, said "the automotive aftermarket has a trillion-dollar market scale, HJIG chain hopes to see a block chain technology is used to establish a decentralized supply chain platform, the automakers and users could have ceaselessly data in the platform, these data will create more value. Then the platform shares the benefits of data appreciation with the enterprise to realize the situation of multiple parties, which is the significance and value of HJIG chain creation.

The block chain has become the investment opportunity for many industry in 2018. however, the real implemented project of the block chain + actual scene application could have contentiously vital force. At present, although the block chain market is very popular , there are not many real application scenarios. It remains to be seen what kind of surprises HJIG chain can bring to the automobile industry.

About HJIG Chain Team
With the management of Tang Liang and the effort of every member of the HJIG chain team? HJIG chain of Atlas international group has strong strength in the market operation and application scenario implementation at its start. HJIG chain will bring opportunities for solving the current block chain embarrassing situation. It brings more possibilities for the implementation of the "block chain + automotive aftermarket" business model.