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HJIG Chain Makes Reform for Traditional Data Automotive Aftermarket Industry


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 --HJIG chain is focusing on automotive aftermarket service. Their strong team has been focused on the issue of lacking of talents that restricts the development of the blockchain. HJIG chain owns advantage from its resources of human talents.

Automotive industry is one of the important industries, it affects the economy of the society, therefore, the development and management of the automotive aftermarket is very important to modern society, in this field, it has not yet appeared the leading enterprise.

The automotive aftermarket focused on maintenance after its sales and this could help car owners to solve the problem. It requires a highly standardized and efficient process for an enterprise to successfully integrate and manage automobile maintenance issues. For this consideration, the company created the unique HJIG chain for properly company management for a long time in the future and provided solid trust of maintenance services for owners. It effectively integrated all purchase, operation and vehicle maintenance processes and provided a "one-stop" service for vehicles.This kind of innovation could not only benefit thousands of owners, and it could provide a car for the consumer to buy a new car after the safeguard, let them to have to worry about a car after a series of maintenance problems.

HJIG chain is a unique industry chain, it is different from common block chain which only used data structure and data storage to update the cryptography algorithm. It is combined with artificial intelligence, big data analysis and networking technology in order to promote industry progress. The company formed ecological complementary product innovation. This product was produced and it had the huge impact to the traditional automobile maintenance industry . The HJIG chain used modern intelligent services to create its own lifetime digital archives for each car. It covers more than 100 items of data, including production, utility and replacement, and it records the vehicle condition in real time. At the same time, the company has created a specific Dapp in order to facilitate the owner's management, which enables users to master all dynamic data and determine benefits as well as facilitates independent inquiry and management. With these technologies, it can effectively make up for the multi-party integrated one-stop service that cannot be achieved by traditional offline independent stores. It can be said that the existence of HJIG chain has helped the automotive aftermarket user.

The company's core technology supports the HJIG chain. Company main team have worked to build a intelligent industry chain which is convenient and mobile with simple operation. It is made up of three layers as its guarantee, they are respectively encrypted digital currency, intelligent contracts, and the financial applications which emphasizes the transfer and other digital assets other than the currency beyond monetary . With the rapid development of the automobile industry, it has grasped the opportunity of The Times and solved the rigid demand of the majority of car owners, and created a good automobile service ecology. In the future automotive aftermarket, there are interconnected, dynamic sharing data , HJIG chain focused on these data and work together with the ecological partners to the modern automobile market for changing. It solved the problem of conseve efficiency and the vehicle condition facticity. It shows the security and dependency as well as absolute advantage of willfulness. The paper also puts forward a reasonable solution to the existing problems in the global automotive aftermarket, which directly brings absolute benefits to the market.

In addition, HJIG chain also used data flow. It took all the cars travel business guide to the system and it make the data structure in the form of chain link, it realized peer credit system with the cross chain, across systems and cross-industry in order to achieve different space and time verification. It also has the authorization service. The new era landmark product HJIG chain is enough to help the automotive aftermarket get away from the shackles of traditional offline business. It could realize the construction project of information tracing network and bring a security as well as guarantee for users, and it could also create a bright future for the whole industry.

About HJIG Chain Team
With the management of Tang Liang and the effort of every member of the HJIG chain team? HJIG chain of Atlas international group has strong strength in the market operation and application scenario implementation at its start. HJIG chain will bring opportunities for solving the current block chain embarrassing situation. It brings more possibilities for the implementation of the "block chain + automotive aftermarket" business model.