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HLP Global Seeks Participants for Case Study

We are looking for small to medium sized business owners to be a part of this historic marketing program.


Coconut Creek, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2015 --HLP Global Inc, Peak Profit Academy and Ken Germann, CEO are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new small business marketing program. The launch date is set for 2016. Strategic marketing plays an important role in overall success for any type of business. More business owners today recognize that they need to find ways to generate more revenue and increase their profits in order to remain competitive. The business coaching program which will be launched in upcoming months is looking for businesses which are willing to serve as case study participants in advance of the launch of Ken Germann's program.

Ken Germann, small business growth strategist, spoke to an interviewer recently, "In order to survive, all small businesses need to generate more revenue. The problem is that they have no formal process for doing so. The vast majority attempt to generate more revenue by running an ad in the paper, using direct mail, or offering a website-based sale. If you are a small business owner and you're doing these exact same things, I can show you where you're leaving at least $10,000 in hidden profit lying dormant in your business, and I can do it in just 45 minutes.

The new program is called "45 Minute $10,000 Profit Breakthroughs: Your Path to Financial Freedom!". The program details the 5-step massive profit formula which can be used by participants to show them how simple changes to their marketing and advertising can dramatically improve the results to their cash flow. Those business owners who are willing to employ the 5 Massive Profit marketing and advertising system in their will see significant revenue growth.

The online program which is planned for soon release carries a price tag of $2,000 and includes a written money-back guarantee of a minimum of 300% return on investment. The tenets of the program show business owners how to dramatically change their view of marketing and social media. The principles can be shared with participants in just 45 minutes.

Ken Germann explains further, "I have a problem with my program, which I hope can be solved by business professionals today. I need to gather additional case studies in order to demonstrate how well my program works. In particular, I am looking for health and wellness professionals willing to allow me to include their experiences while using my program. I can help generate income for business people who are willing to participate."

HLP Global is looking for professionals who would be willing to let Ken perform his service and to use the results as a featured case study in his marketing. The business professional can gain free publicity by agreeing to permit the use of real name and business information. If the participant prefers anonymity, just the initials would be used.

There is no cost to those who participate in the case study. HLP Global is even willing to further compensate participants. All that is required of those who are willing to participate is written permission to use the results in additional marketing for the 45 Minute $10,000 Breakthrough. Those who participate in the case study may wish to provide a brief testimonial, as well.

Professionals who are interested in participating in the program are invited to visit this FREE Webinar that explains the program in greater detail: http://www.10kcasestudies.com