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Hobson & Motzer Launches New Website

Manufacturer of Precision Metal Components for Advanced Industries Increases Digital Presence


Durham, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/02/2019 --Hobson & Motzer is a Connecticut-based precision metal stamping, CNC-machining, and advanced manufacturing expert. With proven processes and industry-leading technology, Hobson & Motzer is known for creating innovative solutions for the most complex component needs, serving quality-critical industries, such as the medical device sector.

Innovation is at the core of Hobson & Motzer, having begun more than 100 years ago, and has fueled its progress and success since then. The new website reflects the thoughtful, comprehensive approach that the team at Hobson & Motzer applies to all their projects. The information is helpful, the design is crisp, and the navigation allows for a positive user experience (UX). Website visitors will have a complete picture of who Hobson & Motzer is, including the rich history that carried it to its successes today. The Capabilities section provides an in-depth overview of many manufacturing processes and skills available to industries looking for precision metal stamping—from its large, 50+ person tool room and R&D and automation technology, to precision electro-chemical machining (PECM), design and engineering, and more.

Every process at Hobson & Motzer is guided by principles of quality, precision, and operational excellence—all of which are reflected and discussed on the website—helping prospects and customers understand the high standard to which Hobson & Motzer operates.

The Careers page allows people looking for viable careers in manufacturing to apply directly on the site—a tremendous benefit to applicants and Hobson & Motzer, given the influx of job-posting sites and the subsequent de-personalization of the hiring process that comes with job-posting sites.

Of the website initiative, Hobson & Motzer's Strategic Market Development Manager, Anthony Bracale, said, "We wanted to let the diverse industries we appeal to know what we have been doing over the last decade. Redesigning the website ensures that we can easily allow people access to all the information they need to make decisions about their metalforming projects. Current and helpful industry-related blogs and news items, job postings, and events round out the offerings that enable people in the medical device, aerospace, and other industries to gain insights about what is possible at Hobson & Motzer and how we can help them. We are thrilled to have launched our new website."

To see Hobson & Motzer's new website, go to www.hobsonmotzer.com, or call (860) 349-1756 for more information.

About Hobson & Motzer
Founded over 100 years ago, Hobson & Motzer has steadily grown in size, capability, capacity, and expertise. Hobson & Motzer is a vertically integrated manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies and excels at precision metal stamping and coining. It designs and builds complex progressive dies and offers a full complement of multi-axis CNC machining, precision electro-chemical machining (PECM), and R&D mechatronics and automation. The company's infrastructure assures that its parts and critical projects will remain on quality, on schedule, and on time. Hobson & Motzer specializes in quality-critical precision parts and components, largely serving the medical device, aerospace, and automotive industries, among others—and often for projects that have otherwise been deemed "impossible." It operates two manufacturing plants with primary operations—and headquarters—centrally located in Durham, CT; with its Advanced Manufacturing Center in nearby Wallingford, CT.