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Hollywood Breakups Can Learn from Scream Viva

Discover your New BFF as you navigate through a break-up…


Castle Rock, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2013 --Miley, Katie, and Kim need to take a page out of Why You No Scream Viva?! Rocked by the unexpected departure of her life partner, author Brooke Martellaro found herself on the eve of her 40th birthday newly single and confused about her place in this world. After twenty years as part of a couple and a successful corporate career, she learns how to redefine herself as an individual and reassesses what she wants for her life going forward. To do that, Martellaro journeys to the enchanting Playa del Carmen, Mexico where she learns that to “scream viva” means to get back up when a relationship knocks you down, start your life anew, and find the courage to look for love again.

In this humorous and uplifting book, Martellaro faces cultural barriers, strange and intriguing characters, moral dilemmas, and a Mayan Spell. In looking for love again, she finds it with the Mexican culture, with adventure, with new and old friends alike, with other men, and most importantly with herself.

Why You No Scream Viva?! helps us all discover that life works far better when you’re having fun and that suffering is indeed optional.

Why You No Scream Viva?! debuted in the top twenty in its category. The book is now for sale on Amazon.com. Purchase it on July 11, 2013, and enter to win a week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! Go to www.screamviva.com for contest details.

“Why You No Scream Viva! is for anyone going through the hell of a broken heart and wants to be reminded that life keeps going even when it feels like the world is falling apart. This book mirrored what I was going through in my own personal life; it gave me hope and it showed me that sometimes you make good decisions and sometimes you make not-so good decisions as you put your life back together, but in the end, good friends and a belief in yourself will see you through. This book is a must-read for anyone who may be in a hard place, who may need a little hope, a little light, or a little humor in their life, and in the end, it will make you scream, "Viva!" and laugh the whole time you’re doing it.”

Chandra Wheeler, C. Rain Industries

“There were so many twists and turns in this book, it kept me guessing… and reading. A fun, light-hearted read; but when I was done, I realized a few things about my own life.”

Kimberly O’Connor, Executive Director, Level 7 Leadership Co-Author, #1 Best Seller Your Dream Machine

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