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Hollywood Heavy-Hitters Wear Lash Brat on Ebony Magazine Cover and the Wendy Williams Show

Specialty false eyelash company Lash Brat gains momentum in the marketplace with the help of famous Hollywood wives Paulette Washington and Niki Murphy.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 --Whether it be on the cover of a magazine or to the office, dance club, or grocery store false eyelashes are becoming a beauty staple. So says Lash Brat, the Atlanta-based online retailer who supplies false eyelashes to regular gals, starlets, athletes and makeup artists. Making industry strides after only two years in the marketplace, the beauty startup’s products have already been used for an Ebony Magazine cover shoot and a Wendy Williams Show appearance.

Lady Lash, CEO of Lash Brat said of their impressive client list, “We were so thrilled when makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff used our mink false eyelashes on Denzel Washington’s wife Paulette, Eddie Murphy’s ex Nicki and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas. We very happily call them our Celebrity Brats now.”

Lash Brat’s false eyelashes are 100% handcrafted and designed to enhance every eye shape. The company uses a choice of cruelty-free, premium mink fur or synthetic hair to create options that naturally match their customer’s look. Offered in a myriad of styles personally named by the CEO of the company, Lash Brat gives customers reusable Mink Brats, Faux Brats and Bottom Brats ranging in price from $5.99 to 25.95.

Mink false eyelashes come in styles named Giselle, Zoe, Coco, Farrah, Lola and Ivy. For beauty pros and customers alike Lash Brat offers mink eyelashes with crystals and without. Faux Brats made of synthetic hair come in a range of nine styles. Among them are the Sparkle and the Bella sold as bottom lashes to complete any look. With a dedication to customer service, Lash Brat offers special pricing for professional and aspiring makeup artists.

About Lash Brat
Lash Brat is a specialty false eyelash company that sells cruelty-free mink and synthetic eyelashes online. Founded in 2012 by Lady Lash, Lash Brat is a favorite among celebrities like Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, Niki Murphy, Paulette Washington and Jenna Jamison.


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