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Holmdel Preschool Emerges as a Leading Pre-Kindergarten in Aberdeen and Hazlet, New Jersey

For those looking for pre-kindergarten in Aberdeen and Hazlet, New Jersey, Holmdel Preschool is the right place to come.


Holmdel, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2024 --Pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) prepares young children for formal education. This early childhood program promotes a child's complete development. Not only does it encourage cognitive development, but it also boosts social and emotional development. Additionally, it encourages healthy peer and adult relationships. Pre-kindergarten in Aberdeen and Hazlet, New Jersey also introduces children to routines, fine motor skills, and excellent behavior. 

By laying a firm foundation in several areas of development, preschool prepares children for academic achievement. Research also reveals that kids in Pre-kindergarten are more likely to finish high school, attend college, and succeed in their jobs. 

The pre-kindergarten instructors at Holmdel Preschool know that spontaneous and reciprocal interactions excite young learners. They bring their experience and expertise to help improve the children's physical coordination and attention span by nurturing their personalities. 

Holmdel Preschool prides itself on providing a thorough pre-kindergarten curriculum that promotes integrated learning. Their curriculum gives students real-world perspectives, meaningful experiences, and many learning opportunities. 

Holmdel Preschool encourages exploration learning in small groups and independently to foster children's curiosity and problem-solving abilities. They believe that the main objective of a school is to nurture critical and independent thinking. 

Accordingly, they treat their children by teaching critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and communication to empower them to think independently. They have designed The Creative Curriculum® to create a dynamic learning environment that promotes each child's skills and interests, preparing them for academic achievement.

At Holmdel Preschool, the pre-kindergarten curriculum emphasizes cognitive development and language and literacy appreciation. By improving children's handwriting and teaching them the value of written communication, the program is intended to enhance children's knowledge of print. 

For language development, they teach students to identify common words, initial consonant sounds, and rhyming word families. To foster autonomous thinking in children, they promote critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication (the 4 C's) along with these literacy skills. 

For more information on childcare in Aberdeen and Hazlet, New Jersey, visit https://holmdelpreschool.com/.

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About Holmdel Preschool
At Holmdel Preschool, they offer integrated approaches to their curriculum with real-life contexts, meaningful experiences, and learning opportunities. Discovery learning is provided in both small groups and independent learning experiences.