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Home Additions Can Serve Many Purposes


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2018 --Anyone that is interested in home additions in Fairfax County, Virginia would do well to consider Glickman Design Build. This contractor has established a reputation for top-quality work, and they have been serving this particular community for several decades. They have an in-depth understanding of the local architecture, this is an important consideration. The company also has a track record of success, and they display some remarkable work on the gallery section of their website.

People that need extra space often move into larger homes, and this makes sense on the surface. However, a lot of money goes down the drain when individuals relocate. There are commissions, closing costs, moving fees, etc. Plus, there is the inconvenience that goes along with putting a home on the market. Frequent showings can be quite disruptive, and on the other end of the spectrum, prospective buyers have to set aside time to look at countless homes that are for sale.

Home additions can allow people to avoid all of these pitfalls. A home addition can be the ideal solution for people that need an extra bedroom to accommodate a new member of the family. In other cases, siblings that have been sharing a room may reach an age where privacy becomes more important. Home additions can give family members more breathing room.

Many people are working out of their homes during these technologically advanced times. Some of them own their own businesses, and many companies are now allowing employees to work at home. Home additions can provide the ideal work spaces for these individuals.

There is also the coveted man cave, diva den, recreational room, home theater, etc. Home additions can allow people to enjoy their spare time to the utmost in a well-designed, dedicated space.

There is a phenomenon that is taking hold in the United States that is being referred to as the advent of the "sandwich generation." A lot of adults that are in their 30s and 40s are finding themselves in unique, challenging situations. They are still responsible for their children to one extent or another, and they also have to provide daily assistance to their aging parents.

Physically going to the home of a parent or parents can be time-consuming, and the senior citizen may need frequent help throughout the day. Home additions can allow the adult children to open their doors to parents that need assistance with their activities of daily living.

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