Home-Based Business Owners Were Honored on 3rd Annual "I Quit My 'Nine to Five' Job Celebration Day" on September 25

When September 25 is Written Out in Numbers -- 9/25 or 925 -- It is a Reminder of Those Who Work "9-to-5" Jobs for an Employer


Aiken, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2016 --Vicki Simons and her husband Mike honored home-based business owners who have already quit their corporate jobs -- and those who aspire to do the same -- on September 25 by observing the third annual "I Quit My 'Nine to Five' Job Celebration Day". September 25 is the perfect date to celebrate this transition because when the date is written out in numbers -- 9/25 or 925 -- it reminds the couple of the many people who currently work "nine-to-five" jobs or any kind of a corporate job in which their wages come from an employer. The Simonses own a home-based business and offer help to others who desire to establish one of their own.

"Having worked in the corporate marketplace, I understand the pressures that working for someone else presents," Vicki Simons said. "When you are self-employed and work for yourself at home, you set your own goals and hours while enjoying the freedom of a home-based business."

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a number of well-known corporations including Apple Computer started out as home-based businesses. The SBA states that more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner's home and that starting a home-based business has many rewards as well as challenges.(1)

Industry experts say that many people today are seeking more freedom with both their time and their finances. Among the many aspiring home-based business owners are those who currently:

- Spend any amount of time working for someone else;(2)
- Work during hours other than 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
- Work at jobs away from home; and
- Have more than one part-time job.

For freedom seekers, the wisest course of action before quitting an existing job may be to start and run a carefully selected home-based business to build a second income that completely replaces current income.

Vicki Simons wrote a report entitled "Information About Earning a Second Income in a Home-Based Business While Being Employed" to help those who long to work from home for themselves. To access the report for free, visitors simply enter their names and email addresses through the designated form on 925Entrepreneur.com and confirm their subscription by email.

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