Homeandgardenfurniture.co.uk Rebrands to Create Home Furnishing Superstore


Heysham, Lancashire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2017 --One of the UK's most popular online retailers of products for the home and garden is rebranding from http://www.homeandgardenfurniture.co.uk to www.poshh.co.uk.

In the early days of http://www.homeandgardenfurniture.co.uk, the name made perfect sense. That was exactly what the website sold. What made them different from other retailers was a combination of the fact that they only stocked high-quality items, even though their low overheads meant that they could offer them at exceptionally low prices, plus the fact that they put customer service at the forefront of everything they did. It's hardly likely to be a surprize that this was a winning combination, but the extent and speed of the company's success certainly took founder Andrew Ellis by surprise.

According to Mr Ellis: "I always believed that if I could provide great items, great prices and great service, I could build a great company. I just never expected it to happen so quickly. With the benefit of hindsight, I underestimated the value of word-of-mouth reviews. We gave our early customers top deals and they were really happy with us to they told their friends and then they told their friends and almost before I knew it, we'd gone from being a start-up home- and garden-furniture retailer to being a fully-fledged business with a much wider product range. Basically, we've outgrown our name!".

While www.poshh.co.uk still focusses on home goods, they have now expanded their product range beyond home- and garden-furniture and now sell bathroom items, saunas, hot tubs and electronics. In the future, Mr Ellis hopes to expand their range even further.

In addition to picking a new name which reflected the company's broader offering, Mr Ellis also wanted to choose a name with "personality" as he put it, something which would reflect the company's character and their core values and which, over time, could become as famous as the current major players on online home retail.

Commenting on his choice, Mr Ellis said: "I wanted a name which reflected the fact that we're a company which offers great discounts on the top brands, rather than just another online site selling low-quality products which are "inspired by" the big names in home goods. At the same time, I wanted a name with a bit of fun to it. We're totally committed to getting the best deals for our customers and providing outstanding customer service, but we like to do it with a smile rather than taking ourselves too seriously."

Even though Mr Ellis is clearly a man with a lot of drive and ambition, he plans to move his company forward one step at a time. His reasoning for this approach is simple: "A wise man learns from the mistakes of others and one mistake I've seen other people make many times is to rush ahead with expansion and then find that they lack the resources to provide the great level of service which made them a success in the first place. Of course, I want to take my company even further and I intend to do so, but the customer will always come first and be at the heart of everything we do."