Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Last Efforts to Save Her Home Turns to to List Her Expression for Help


Jonesboro, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2008 -- Cathy Lloyd who lives in College Park, Georgia decided not to go down without a fight, her home is set to be sold on July 1, 2008 and her last efforts to save her home is to list her expression on askmeme.coms’ Save My Home Expression link.

Save My Home Expression, is a feature of that provides homeowners in distress, facing foreclosure, or in over their heads in an adjustable rate mortgage the opportunity to express their current condition. Expressing their condition gives them the exposure to attract non-profit organizations, mortgage lenders, and potential investors via the property-listing feature.

Cathy Lloyd is hoping that someone will help her. She was laid off from her job and found herself behind on her mortgage. She search for employment for a number of months and finally has secured a position with the Home Depot. Country Wide has been working with Ms. Lloyd to help her keep her home and she is now in the position to maintain her mortgage but she needs help with the down payment for the work out plan her mortgage company has given her. Ms. Lloyd has a limited of time to send payment in and is hoping with her expression that someone will come to her aide.

For more information about Cathy Lloyd go to and view her expression on the Save My Home Expression feature.