French Made Easy for Homeschoolers

Home Schooling Is a Great Way to Teach Kids French the Right Way


Reno, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2014 --Many parents find home schooling is a perfect way to help children learn. It is especially suited to languages such as French because, when combined with audio in a class utilizing Skype on the computer, correct pronunciation can be emphasized from the very beginning. Leading French language coach Marina Ridge has created a course, “French Made Easy for Homeschoolers”, which emphasizes learning pronunciation the correct way from the very beginning. There are many great programs for self-study; but, when left to do everything themselves, how many of the people who buy self-study programs actually do all the necessary action steps to get maximum benefit from their effort? Everyone needs accountability, and Marina will handle that. All she asks a parent to do is put the child in front of the monitor before each class. She will take care of the rest.

Marina is fluent in four languages and is a mother who understands first-hand the challenges of homeschooling children. In addition she is a Francophone, a citizen of a French-colonized country, so she speaks the language the “real” way and teaches it that way. She says her teaching method has been passed down through many generations. She learned it from her father, and is reminded of the authenticity of this method when someone hearing her speak French asks, “Are you a French citizen?”

Learning to speak French well delivers much more value than just being able to order lunch or dinner during an occasional trip to Paris. French is designated a Romance language. Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and Catalan are close relatives and also belong to the Romance language family. The community of French-speaking countries known as la francophonie in French, includes 77 states. It is the first spoken language in France, Haiti, and Monaco and in parts of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, parts of Louisiana and New England in the USA, and by other communities globally. French ranks in fourth place as one of the most widely spoken native languages of the European Union. Being able to converse intelligently in French can enrich both personal and business life. Marina Ridge interacts weekly with French citizens, French speaking friends, and most importantly with members of her family, who are also French citizens. This means she is aware of the most current information on French education, culture and entertainment.

“French Made Easy for Homeschoolers” is designed for children 7-12. It can also work well for older students and for students who are not homeschoolers but are interested in learning a second language. The course is accessible from any device with internet availability and covers an eight-week period. The online live trainings are held with an intimate group of only four students. The guide books are full of visual aids and easy-to-follow templates which students work with at their own pace. Parents interested in learning more about this unique French teaching method may download a free introductory e-book, “3 Simple Ways to Bring French into your Child’s Life” at This website also contains more information about the program, how to sign up and when the online sessions are held.

Send questions by e-mail to or call 775-901-1569. The company is based in Reno, Nevada.

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