HomeUnion's SFR Investment Reaches Cincinnati, the Third Region in Ohio

HomeUnion now has additional SFR investment properties in Cincinnati, Ohio where they hired Jeff House as the location manager.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2015 --HomeUnion, an online firm that specializes in real estate investment that focuses more on SFR or single family rental investment properties, recently announced that they have reached Cincinnati in Ohio and has added it to active list of their investment markets. For those who are interested, they may visit the secure website of HomeUnion and check out the SFR properties from Cincinnati which are all pre-vetted.

Before a region is added to the list of active investment markets, there are factors that are taken into consideration including local economy, income trends in history, home prices, population growth, vacancies, employment and many more. Cincinnati is considered a good choice since the cap rates in the region is promising and the local economy is stable. According to Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the region has a bright future because of the highly educated workers, promising economy and the existence of various Fortune 500 companies in the region is an added factor for a brighter future in the coming years.

From a statement released by the CEO of HomeUnion, Mr Don Ganguly, due to the low yields resulting from traditional investments, more and more investors are looking for other methods to earn additional profit. Singe family rental investment properties has shown great promise thus the desire of many investors to add this type to their portfolio. With the help of modern technology, investors are now able to invest in properties without the need to be there physically and they are also able to manage all their investments with the help of regional professionals. Investing in SFR is now easily attainable by investors without additional worries but focus will remain on the total returns of investment and the overall cash flow.

As soon as a new market is added, HomeUnion's next step would be to find qualified individual who will fit the role of managing the new branch. Favors are given to professionals who are native or familiar with the neighborhood as well as the rate of rent and properties. For Cincinnati, Ohio, Jeff House was chosen to fill in the role as the location manager. To Learn more, Please visit https://www.homeunion.com/

About HomeUnion
HomeUnion is an online real estate investment management firm, bringing value investing to the individual investor in single-family rental (SFR) properties. Based in Irvine, Calif., it provides all the services needed for individuals to invest remotely in SFR properties. HomeUnion's role spans the lifecycle of the investment transaction: from locating properties; advising on the purchase; finding renters; managing the property; and selling it when the time comes. For more information, contact Chris Cosentino at chris@campbelllewis.com or call using 917-519-6300. HomeUnion's business address is 2010 Main Street, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92614, United States.