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Check out the amazing new products offered by Hoplite Armor. Developer of the worlds first Hard Armor Shoulder Plate capable of defeating high velocity rifle rounds.


Kalispell, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2016 --Effective July 4 2016, Hoplite Armor LLC has officially announced the launch of three new HASP (Hard Armor Shoulder Plate) variations capable of defeating multiple hits from a variety of ballistic threats.

The Level III+ V2 HASP is comprised of 100% polymer (UHMWPE) armor and provides a low cost solution with performance equal to the original HASP V1 plates. The V2 weighs only 1.2 lbs per plate, has a thickness of only .8" and is capable of defeating multiple hits from M193 (55 grain 5.56 ball), M1943 (7.62x39 Mild Steel Core) and M80 ball (.308) as well as all lesser threats.

The Level III++ V3 HASP is the Flagship product offered by Hoplite Armor and has a weight of only 1.45 lbs per plate, a thickness of only .75", and is capable of defeating multiple hits from M855 (SS109 / 5.56 greentip), M193 (55 grain 5.56 ball), M1943 (7.62x39 Mild Steel Core) and M80 ball (.308) as well as all lesser threats. The V3 HASP plates are comprised of a UHMWPE armor materials in combination with lightweight ceramics and are extremely lightweight, durable and form fitting.

In addition Hoplite Armor now offers the V4 Level IIIA HASP Plate comprised of 100% UHMWPE armor materials designed to meet the needs of Patrol Officers, EMS / Fire, Extreme Sports enthusiasts, and any other hard hitting situation by offering an extremely lightweight, highly durable plate variation that weighs only .5 lbs per plate and has a thickness of only .375". The V4 is capable of defeating multiple hits from pistol fire up to 44 Magnum and also serves to reduce blunt force trauma as a result of high intensity impact.

About The HASP System
The HASP system has been designed in such a way that it mimics the anatomy of the human body, creating an ergonomic armor plate which reduces wear stress while improving performance. The HASP system can be integrated into existing DAPS compatible carrier systems, as well as a universal plate frame system developed in conjunction with S&S Precision. The universal HASP system allows users of existing tactical body armor to improve their gear without having to replace existing carrier systems or armor platforms.

These variations complete the product line up of Hoplite Armor offerings designed to replace the current Kevlar (soft armor) DAPS (Deltoid Auxiliary Protection System) in favor of a plate capable of defeating high velocity rifle rounds in order to prevent injury to the vital organs of the upper body as a result of lateral ballistic rifle impacts.

Sgt. Lonnie Young USMC, Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient, and security detail for high profile personnel, had the following to say about the HASP system:

"The Hoplite HASP system is lightweight, comfortable and most of all it's perfectly suited for urban warfare and is highly effective against rifle rounds. On April 4th, 2004 my team and I were under heavy enemy fire as insurgents attacked the Spanish CPA at An Najaf. While defending the base I was shot in my left shoulder. The bullet tore across my back and stopped just short of my spine. Having the HASP system during the battle would have saved me from injury and would have allowed me to stay in the fight."

All HASP plate variations are On Sale Now through the end of July.

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