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Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Announces Newly Improved, All Natural Prescription Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss

Diet Doc has improved its exclusive hormone treatments for weight loss, offering patients a more advanced solution for removing pounds quickly.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --Diet Doc, the nation's leader in hormone treatments for weight loss, has improved upon its medically supervised diet plans, now able to more closely tailor treatments to individual patient requirements, ultimately producing more effective and safer results. The ability to more closely tailor hormone treatments for weight loss allows Diet Doc to better target stubborn areas of patients' bodies, the areas which store excess fat and are the most difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. With a combination of prescription hormone treatments for weight loss and a nutritionist-designed, individualized diet plan, Diet Doc now allows patients to experience weight loss of up to 20 pounds per month. Diet Doc's prescription hormone treatments allow patients to remain satiated between meals, while the nutritionist designed diet plans provide optimal nutrition during dieting to catalyze weight loss without vitamin and nutrient deficiency, as often happens with competing diet plans.

With increased efficiency in administering their hormone treatments for weight loss, Diet Doc has improved results for patients around the nation. Each new Diet Doc patient will initially consult with a physician, specially trained in nutrition and diet plans, as well as be granted access to hormone treatments for weight loss. Diet Doc has streamlined the consultation process to allow interested patients to consult with a licensed doctor more easily, largely utilizing the nationwide Telemedicine system, which enables users to consult with doctors around the country, regardless of geographical location. With Telemedicine, patients can receive non-emergency medical aid via video or telephone conferencing, freeing up time for patients, and allowing users to consult with physicians from the privacy and comfort of home.

After a simple but comprehensive initial consultation, patients, via a Diet Doc doctor's prescription, now have access to powerful hormone treatments for weight loss, a potent catalyst enabling most too experience a 20 pound weight reduction in only one month. Eligible patients, after video or telephone consultation may opt to receive a prescription for any of Diet Doc's exclusive weight loss supplements, diet pills and hormone treatments for weight loss, all shipped to the patient's own home.

A naturally occurring hormone in the human body, each Diet Doc hormone treatment for weight loss is renowned for its ability to target stubborn body fat, mobilize that fat and encourage the body to flush it from the system. Diet Doc takes this clinical approach to weight loss a step further by incorporating nutritionist designed diet and nutrition plans into each comprehensive weight loss solution, enhancing the effects of prescription hormone treatments for weight loss with a low calorie, satisfying diet plan to aid every dieter in achieving the results they so strongly desire, and that have eluded previous diet plans.

The value of Diet Doc diet plan is that users need not have a background in either nutrition or pharmaceuticals. The company's skilled experts structure plans around each individual patient, so patients need not know the ins and outs of dieting and weight loss. Diet Doc understands that many of their patients may not have a health or nutrition background and may need assistance in creating a low fat, low calorie meal plan, especially one that tastes great and leaves them feeling full and satisfied. Each patient will have unlimited access to the Diet Doc team of certified nutritionists and can contact them directly, six days per week, to ask questions about fast weight loss foods, food items that naturally burn body fat or to ask any other questions they may have about their diet plan.

Diet Doc's main concern is not simply to produce results for patients, only to leave them without a comprehensive support system necessary to ensure lasting results. The Diet Doc team is committed to not only helping patients reach their weight loss goals, but also to provide every patient with the services necessary to keep weight off, continue to exercise knowledgeable weight loss practices, and live longer, healthier lives. It is in this regard that all Diet Doc prescription hormone treatments for weight loss include continued counseling and support, ensuring that patients continue to choose healthy foods that are rich in essential elements, yet facilitate proper weight loss or weight stabilization. This unique, personalized approach to losing weight has made Diet Doc the nation's leader in medically supervised weight management.

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