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Hot, New Product Offers a Simple-but-Effective Method for Keeping Cool in Extreme Heat

From Construction Workers to Landscapers to Sports Fans and People with Medical Conditions, Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps Help Beat the Heat


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2013 --Just in time for the last blast of summer and the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, Long Tail Products is set to launch a line of patented cooling headwear products designed to lower body temperatures and prevent discomfort in the heat. Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps provide a simple solution for preventing heat exhaustion, heat fatigue and other conditions caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

The Cool As Ice Cap, which retails for $14.95, comes with a washable and durable flap attached to the back of the hat. The wearer puts ice inside the flap’s pouch which provides up to ninety minutes of cooling to the back of the neck and head. The Cool As Ice Cap Plus retails for $17.95 and includes a reusable gel ice pack.

The Cool As Ice Flap (retails for $9.95) and the Cool As Ice Flap Plus (retails for $12.95), which comes with a reusable gel pack, both allow users to attach a cooling flap to the back of any ball cap, bike helmet or hard hat. The Cool As Ice Flap comes in a variety of colors.

Austin inventor and entrepreneur Ron Spell came up with the idea for Cool As Ice Caps in 2000 while sandblasting signs for his clients. After applying for the patent, Spell sold the Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps at festivals and events around Austin for ten years.

“I’m excited about helping people get relief from the heat.” Said Spell. “It’s a product that just drips with empathy for the end user.”

Spell eventually connected with Long Tail Products, an Austin-based product launchpad. Long Tail Products mission is to find and bring to market products customers are excited to use and saw the potential for Ice Caps and Flaps to help millions afflicted by heat fatigue and discomfort.

Bryan Daigle, CEO of Long Tail Products, said the Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps work because they are a simple-yet-effective product. “They’re incredibly effective. That’s something we strive for at Long Tail Products: products that achieve great results through simplicity.”

In July 2013 Long Tail Products licensed the patent and production rights to Spell’s unique headwear design and rebranded them as Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps. While Spell's original cap and flap designs are the currently available products, Long Tail Products will launch new cooling hats and headgear designs inspired by Spell’s original designs in Spring 2014.

The Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps are ideal for anyone who works in hot environments for a living such as construction workers, landscapers, factory workers, coaches and members of the military. The devices help outdoor festivalgoers, golfers, fishermen, athletes, children and gardeners stay cool. People with medical conditions such as Lupus, heat sensitivity and Multiple Sclerosis can also use Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps to find relief.

All Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps come with a one hundred percent money-back, customer satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty. The caps and flaps are available at www.coolasicecaps.com and www.amazon.com.

Video of the Cool As Ice Caps and Flaps is available on YouTube at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuAQcgyZ2h8

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