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Houston Dentist Dr. Michael Crist Offers Retainers for Youth and Adult Patients to Improve Smiles and Other Health Problems

Dr. Michael Crist helps Houston patients achieve their best smiles and lifestyle with custom retainers


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2016 --Dr. Michael Crist, orthodontic and pediatric dental specialist in Houston, TX is helping patients of all ages improve their smiles and their lifestyles by offering removable retainers. Dr. Crist provides retainers to patients who have recently had braces removed, would like certain teeth shifted into alignment, and even those who struggle with conditions like temporomandibular disorder or a tongue thrust.

Retainers are custom designed for each patient and consist of a thin plastic shell that contours to the roof of the mouth along with a metal wire that runs along the surface of the teeth. Retainers are quite common for kids and adults, particularly for patients who have recently had their braces removed.

For patients who have completed orthodontic treatment, retainers are crucial for keeping teeth in alignment once the permanent brackets and wires are moved. This is especially the case for young patients who may still have a growing jaw. Wearing a retainer following orthodontic treatment prevents teeth from shifting and falling out of the straight alignment the orthodontic treatment was used to correct.

In some cases, patients of Dr. Crist may only have a minor alignment issue that can be corrected with the use of a removable retainer instead of permanent braces. Retainers can be effective in closing a space between teeth or moving just one or two teeth into proper alignment. Not only is this option more cost effective for patients than a full set of permanent braces, but it also allows for more lifestyle flexibility as well because the retainer can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Patients who struggle with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) can also benefit from retainers since it can be designed to correct bite issues that are the root cause of this disorder. Retainers designed by Dr. Crist can prevent the teeth from closing completely at night, which relieves tension in the jaw and prevents the patient from grinding their teeth while sleeping.

Retainers can also be effective in helping young patients who have a tongue thrust, a condition that involves the tongue pushing through the teeth while speaking. Dr. Crist can design special retainers for this condition known as a tongue cage that keep the tongue from pushing forward through the teeth, and over time this trains the tongue to go to the roof of the mouth rather than to the front of the mouth.

About Dr. Michael Crist
Dr. Crist has more than three decades of experience as a dental professional. He specializes in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, and is one of very few dental professionals in the Houston area to do so. Dr. Crist is a graduate of the University of Texas where he completed his DDS degree and also received pediatric and orthodontic training at the University of Southern California.

To learn more about Dr. Michael Crist and the retainers he offers for Houston patients of all ages, please visit www.MichaelCristDDS.com.