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Houston Flood Changes Co-Parenting: New Book Describes One Family's Transformation to the Bird's Nest Co-Parenting Lifestyle

Nesting: Continuing the Nuclear Family After Divorce by Lucenda Jacobs is now available.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2017 --Houston is notorious for the type of flooding caused by hurricane Harvey. These events come and go, but the effects they can have on people's lives can be lingering.

In her new book, Nesting, Lucenda Jacobs tells the story of how one such Houston flood sparked the transformation of her family from the traditional nuclear family structure to bird's nest parenting.

Jacobs introduces herself, in dramatic fashion, as she and her family react to the Memorial Day 2015 flood. This event marked the start of her family's transformation. She takes readers behind the scenes to shows them how her family adapted to nesting, explaining how this particular parenting plan suited everyone's specific needs. How it eased the burden of change on both parents and children and helped them live in harmony with love, respect, and understanding.

Jacobs' candor in Nesting makes this true story read like a novel. Jacobs seeks to let parents who find themselves in the position of not being able to live with their child's other parent know that there is another choice in co-parenting after divorce.

As she prepared for her divorce, Jacobs began investigating different co-parenting techniques, searching for a model that would fit both her ex-husband's and her own lifestyles and goals. The more research she conducted, the more Jacobs was intrigued by the idea of "birds nest parenting," an arrangement in which the children reside permanently in the family home while the parents alternate living in the home with them.

However, Jacobs could not find any books on the subject, let alone any first-hand accounts of bird's nest parenting. She wrote Nesting to alleviate that frustration for other parents.

Parents seeking an equitable arrangement in a divorce find a blazed trail in Nesting, which depicts her family's successful adoption of bird's nest parenting as an alternative to traditional custody arrangements.

While bird's nest parenting faces skepticism among the U.S. family law community, the UK and Australia have seen an increase in families choosing this emerging shared custody lifestyle. Nesting shares the practicalities of how one family addressed points of contention, such as how much time parents get to spend with their children and how daily decisions are made, in choosing this approach to co-parenting.

Nesting can be found on in paperback and Kindle; at in paperback and NookBook versions; on Kobo; and on iTunes Books.

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