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Houston Texas Cleaning Company Clean Panda Launches Affordable Cleaning Services

Clean Panda have made professional cleaning services more affordable for the working class.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2016 --A new Houston cleaning company has removed the myth that professional services are only available for the rich and famous by launching services that are affordable for all. Clean Panda, who promise to give their customers the best quality with the best prices in the area, provide a complete range of services that include home cleaning, car wash services, and organization & decluttering services.

The Houston Cleaning Service Company understands how people's lives have become busier in the modern world. With long working hours, and looking after the young ones, some people don't have many hours left in the day to think about cleaning, washing the car or cleaning the pool. For this reason, Clean Panda has become an important service for many, providing professional services to deal with things that people don't have the time to do.

CleanPanda uses only professionally trained cleaning pros, to ensure they provide a high quality service with no exception. The cleaning service company understands how important punctuality is, and that is why when a time is arranged for one of their team to arrive, they will be there with no delay within the one hour arrival window they promise. As another quality assurance measure, after every appointment customers get a notification allowing them to rate & review the service quality after it's done to ensure that it's up to the highest standards in the industry. The services provided include:

Home Cleaning & Maid Service – A clean home not only provides people with a home to be proud of, but it also gives the people living there a safe environment to live, free from dust and dirt.

Car Wash – Not everyone has the time to clean his or her car or take it to the car wash. The service provides an affordable way to keep the car clean at all times.

Lawn Mowing – The Houston lawn mowing service allows residents to have a great looking lawn all year round. The lawn-mowing experts bring all of their own equipment.

Pool Cleaning – It is important to keep a pool clean at all times. A pool that has not been cleaned on a regular basis could cause health problems and make it unusable.

Junk Removal – The Houston junk removal service allows people to have small or large items removed. Not everyone has the transport or the time to remove junk from his or her homes. This service is affordable and gives people a fast way of having their junk removed.

Organize – Declutter – Not everyone has the time to declutter their home or bring organization into their life. The experts at Clean Panda provide a professional service to bring order into a home. This service is also very important if someone is thinking of selling their home. A clean and tidy home is much easier to sell than one that has clutter all around.

Packing – Unpacking – Moving home can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Clean Panda makes it less stressful by providing a professional service to make packing and unpacking easier.

Moving relocation – Clean Panda provides a professional service to allow people to move to a new location.

The services offered by Clean Panda allow people to spend the time they want to spend on their family life or leisure. It allows people to free up their time without worrying about employing expensive services.

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Clean Panda is a professional Houston, Texas company that believes in making life easier for everyone by giving them access to the privileges of affordable cleaning services at any time.

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