Hoverboard Charging Becomes Safe with the Launch of the HoverGuard Charging Solution

The safety concerns related to hoverboards have recently become the topic of discussions and deliberations at the government level. HoverGuard claims that their recently launched charging safety device will eliminate the risks associated with the charging of these self-balancing scooters.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2016 --HoverGuard is pleased to announce the formal launch of their advanced charging system that has been designed to make hoverboard charging safe and easy. Hoverboards, better described as self-balancing scooters, have become extremely popular in the last year amongst the younger generation. However, a great deal of concern has been expressed related to the safety of these devices.

In a recent development, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has stressed the need for hoverboard manufacturers to comply with certain safety parameters. The CPSC has also received reports suggesting that several models are prone to catching fire and exploding. It is understood that the makers of such models could get hit with recalls if they fail to address the shortcomings related to safety.

Experts suggest that the safety hazards related to hoverboards are caused primarily because of poorly designed and manufactured batteries and charging systems. HoverGuard prevents the potential safety issues related to charging by:

- Disconnecting the power source from the hoverboard once a full charge has been reached.

- Monitoring the charging current being delivered to the hoverboard battery system to detect malfunctions and prevent catastrophic failure.

- Regulating the charging voltage to protect against poorly designed chargers sending too much power to the hoverboard battery.

- Preventing the hoverboard from overcharging which puts the battery system at risk for future malfunction and failure.

About HoverGuard
Designed and manufactured in the USA, HoverGuard is easy to use, and users can get started simply by attaching it to the charging port of their hoverboard and then plugging the hoverboard's charger into the HoverGuard. There are flashing LED's that function as fault indicators, in case any problem is detected with the battery or charging system, indicating the fault type and that the hoverboard has been disconnected from power. A pulsating green LED light indicates when the board is ready to ride.

Highlighting the quality of their just launched charging system, the CTO and Founder of HoverGuard Mark Lyle stated, "Hoverboards have become notorious for the lack of quality measures taken in their manufacture, especially the battery systems and chargers. The HoverGuard safety device aims to alleviate the safety issues caused by these faulty devices."

To find out more about HoverGuard, please visit http://hoverguard.co/