How a Top SaaS Startup in Barcelona Became a Global Leader in Conversational Sales


Barcelona, Catalonia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2018 --This year marks Whisbi's 10 year anniversary. Founded in Barcelona by Alex Bisbe (CEO) & Jose Luis Cantero (CTO), the SaaS company quickly became a global leader in conversational sales, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid & San Francisco. The company was created with one mission in mind: helping B2C companies to connect with customers online and increase their digital sales revenue.

Company creation & evolution

Whisbi was created to help brands engage better with customers online and increase sales through their digital channels. The purpose for us was to bridge the gap between online and offline and providing a seamless multi-channel experience for customers. There was a pattern that we noticed, the lack of human relationships online between brands and their customers. We wanted to disrupt the digital space and enable online sales growth, mainly through the use of voice, chat and live video. This is where the idea of Whisbi came from.

What makes Whisbi unique is the fact that brands can now reach and engage with their website visitors at scale through the live engagement tools embedded on their website. They can announce launches, demonstrate products, present promotional offers, host open webinars and live events while engaging with their audience in real-time. This approach has proven to be 6x more engaging and 10x more efficient than a regular chat. The Whisbi conversational platform can also segment passive viewers from active, and help convert web visitors into customers. It redirects viewers to a landing page of choice or to a one-to-one session with a sales agent or to an order form. This way, sales teams can engage with warm leads in real time and increase online conversion rate.

To really bring the traditional shopping experience online, we also developed a Lead Distribution System which enables online customers to connect with brand experts in real time, who can be based in any physical location: contact/chat centers, showrooms or dealerships.

There is no one else in the market that provides this kind of service and can seamlessly connect offline and online sales channels in real time.

Whisbi has seen success on a global scale; brands such as Toyota, Vodafone, Verizon, Opel, SKY, Samsung and many more trust our services and have partnered with us. Our innovative product also won us this year's GLOMO award for Best Mobile Innovation for Commerce at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

"As pioneers in the field of conversational sales & marketing, our mission is to change the way brands connect with customers online and put human interactions at the center of the online customer experience. Our innovative and customer-focused approach continuously ensures we offer a world-class SaaS solution to our clients" - Alex Bisbe, CEO

Check out our Product Evolution Infographic:
10 years of Product

Whisbi API

This year, we have merged our One-to-One and One-to-Many solutions into one powerful conversational sales platform, fully API customizable, to help our customers increase online sales conversion and boost live engagement. The Whisbi solution combines all contact channels like video-call, chat, chatbot, click-to-call or a traditional phone call into one centralized data-driven UI for your customers. Enhanced by a BI engine, Whisbi provides the right channel for the right customer at the right time.

The Whisbi platform easily integrates with existing infrastructures through our API, ranging from call centers to physical stores and virtual showrooms. Simple inclusion of the solution on websites provides the ability to drive a truly omnichannel customer experience that significantly increases online conversion rates. We also integrate with the best marketing & sales solutions including Salesforce, Google Adwords, Google Analytics & Adobe Marketing Cloud, helping to deliver more powerful insights of the entire customer journey.

The latest addition to the Whisbi conversational sales platform is a conversational chatbot. It was built to filter and qualify web visitors and progress customer conversations from a chatbot to a live expert or sales professional, ensuring that your sales teams engage only with the hottest leads in real-time.

What's next for Whisbi?

Our conversational technology is changing the landscape for customer engagement and customer experience, by enabling personalized, interactive, and engaging marketing & sales. The Whisbi platform is a revolutionary way to market and sell successfully via digital channels. We also help differentiate brands from their competitors and bridge the gap between in-store and digital, giving a customer a retail-like experience without having to make the trip.

"As the CTO, when I analyse the future of Whisbi I always try to find a balance between new trends and opportunities (Ai, Natural Language …) and the essence of Whisbi which is to add the human touch to the online sales process. The Whisbi platform was designed to provide the best combination between human interaction and high-end technology in a seamless way. In the future, we see Whisbi having a bit more of AI in order to enhance the usability and make the experience more natural. Another big change we will be introducing on our platform is the possibility to optimize our clients' talent and resources by grouping all sales teams (i.e. call center agents, store assistants, etc.) under the same online network, through technologies like the Whisbi Lead Distribution System (LDS)." Jose Luis Cantero, CTO & co-founder at Whisbi

We have already established ourselves in the market as pioneers in live engagement tools, achieving great success with our customer in Telecom, Automotive, Travel and Insurance industries. By implementing Whisbi on their websites, our customers have enhanced customer engagement 6X, efficiency 10X, reduced exit rate by 20% and boosted online sales conversion by 40%. We are currently present in +100 countries worldwide and our solutions have managed over 700M users, 10M conversations and have delivered over 1.7M sales to date, to our clients globally. And we're just getting started!

About Whisbi
Whisbi is a pioneer of conversational technologies, offering a conversational platform for Sales & Marketing. It combines all contact channels like video-call, chat, chatbot, click-to-call or a traditional phone call into one centralized data-driven UI for your customers. Enhanced by a BI engine, we provide the right channel for the right customer at the right time. In essence, Whisbi enables modern marketing and sales teams to deliver multichannel experiences that support & complement existing digital commerce systems. The Whisbi Solution comes with a powerful analytics and reporting tool and lets brands track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sale. With this tool our clients gain a better understanding of their customers' behavior, and collect key insights.