Addiction Rehab Toronto

How Art and Music Therapy Are Helping to Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

While overall drug use in Canada has remained relatively steady over the past 15 years, the harm associated with addiction – on both users and those close to them – cannot be understated.


Etobicoke, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2019 --While overall drug use in Canada has remained relatively steady over the past 15 years, the harm associated with addiction – on both users and those close to them – cannot be understated. In recent years there has been a growth in the use of more innovative forms of addiction therapy, such as art therapy program – which one study found to have positive effects alongside other types of treatment.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is an addiction rehab and mental health clinic that offers a host of unique treatments that are tailored to the specific needs of individual patients. It covers a range of specific conditions from addiction to various hard and prescription drugs, gambling and alcohol, to sex addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety and depression.

"Gone are the days of blunt, forceful therapies for mental health issues and addiction," says a spokesperson for Addiction Rehab Toronto. "While we manage and support the often traumatic period of drug withdrawal, we also provide a range of gentler, soothing treatments that help people coax themselves into overcoming their particular issues.

"For example, art therapy provides a creative outlet for patients to express their fears, anxieties and addictive needs through imaginative exercises that use a variety of different artistic forms. We often find that patients find it difficult to explain certain aspects of their lives – particularly some of the more challenging experiences they are going through – and channeling this through art can help them communicate their thoughts and feelings.

"Similarly, our music therapy is another way of channeling individual emotions and enabling patients to get themselves into a healthy state of mind. This can be through karaoke, dance and movement therapy, mindfulness, using instruments or even writing actual songs. Doing all this in a group setting means that people know they are not alone in their current difficulties."

Addiction Rehab Toronto also provides more traditional therapies such as one-to-one counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy and anger management. It is fully accredited and staffed by a diverse, specialized team of experts in their field, including therapists, addiction specialists and addiction counselors, while there are also regular visits from personal trainers, art therapists, music therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists and social workers.

In addition, the clinic provides treatments of a more physical nature, including yoga, pilates, reiki healing and Muay Thai, which offer numerous benefits to those who are best suited to this type of therapy.

"Everyone who attends our clinic is an individual, with individual needs," added the spokesperson, "and our range of treatments is carefully selected to meet those needs. Our more physical therapies are suited to those who would benefit most from exercises in improving strength, dexterity and their cardiovascular system, while also having a knock-on effect on their mental health.

"These therapies teach responsibility and self-reliance, and can boost confidence through the very empowering effects they have from a physical perspective. They also all have a meditative quality that can help address issues with anxiety and depression."

Because Addiction Rehab Toronto is a private residential facility, it can offer quick admissions and a longer, unhurried period of rehabilitation. This is in comparison to public services which, while free, often have long waiting times, are limited to a 2-3 week stay, and do not have access to some of the more innovative treatment methods currently being developed and used.