How Business Litigation Works

Oklahoma business attorneys work with their clients in ways designed to avoid litigation.


Oklahoma City, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2020 --Unfortunately, no matter how tightly contracts are drawn, and no matter how strictly state law is followed, disputes will still arise. At our business litigation law firm, clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge of the law that our business lawyers apply to our cases.

Types Of Business Disputes Leading To Litigation

There are many disputes that lead to litigation. A few examples of the types of disputes that arise include, but are not limited to:

Breach of contract. Businesses function on contracts. Contracts between business partners, with vendors who supply the business with goods and services, between other businesses with which a business does business, and so forth. When one party allegedly breaches a contract, litigation is often required.

Breach of fiduciary duty. This generally involves disputes between partners, or shareholders and partners.

Business bankruptcy. We help determine which type of bankruptcy is in the best interest of your business. We work to restructure the business and keep it running if that is the outcome you are seeking.

Business torts. Just a few examples of business torts include fraud, negligent misrepresentation, interference with a business transaction, and civil theft.

Insurance disputes involving coverage. We work to prove coverage in those cases where you submitted a claim only to be informed by your insurer that you have no coverage.

Intellectual property and trade secret violations. These can be complicated and require several steps in proving or defending an alleged violation.

Partnership conflicts. These range from simple disputes that are easy to resolve with some diplomatic intervention to ones that are so serious, the business is dissolved.

Real estate problems of all kinds. This includes leasing or purchasing agreements.

We Try To Resolve Cases In Ways That Are The Least Disruptive To The Continuation Of The Business There Are Times When Negotiating A Settlement Is In Your Best Interest. Other Times, Going To Trial Is The Best Option.

The strong capabilities our lawyers bring to our business law cases have earned our firm respect from our past clients, and in the legal community and courtrooms throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Contact us for a consultation.