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How Can Lean Practices Help to Optimize Work of Technical Support

ICL Services improves the quality of the service provided by applying the Lean practice


Kazan, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2020 --The world around us is changing rapidly. The conventional working practices may stop yielding the desired results one day. And the quality of service, which once seemed incredible, eventually becomes commonplace.

To keep up with the changing customer needs, the company ICL Services uses Lean practices, focused on creating value for the customer, continuous quality improvement of the provided services, and elimination of waste.

Lean Methodology Principles Applied at ICL Services

1. Involve each employee in the company's business operations, in the continuous improvement process, all the while providing the environment of trust and transparency.

2. Learn from experience, completing real-world tasks, together with your colleagues.

3. Standardize, document current best practices as standards and keep them up to date.

4. Understand customer needs, select team performance indicators which reflect customer requests. Make the employees aware of the value they create for the customer.

5. Visualize, bring the invisible into view. Focus the team's attention on the aspects of the service which are important to the customers.

6. Eliminate waste of time and resources in the activities performed.

7. Measure the workflow performance. Focus on those performance indicators which are within the team's reach. See the direct connection between the customer needs and the performance results.

One may claim that the continuous improvement culture is truly being instilled and maintained only while adhering to these principles in one's work on a daily basis.

ICL Services actively uses Lean principles in the work of the technical support, which helps to improve the quality of the support team work and increase customer satisfaction

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ICL Services is a large system integrator (member of the ICL group of companies), providing a full range of services on domestic and international markets. The company employs more than 2,000 workers who successfully interact with more than 80 clients from 30 countries around the world, providing IT services 24 hours 7 days a week in Russian, English, French and German. ICL Services offices are located in Kazan, Moscow, Voronezh, Vladivostok and Belgrade (Serbia).


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