How Does the Top Bitcoin Exchange Break Through the Filecoin Futures Market


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2020 --Filecoin has been gaining momentum recently, as a new virtual currency is expected to replicate the glory of Bitcoin. Many virtual currency exchanges want to occupy a place in the Filecoin market. The most noteworthy among them is, which has very rich experience in providing bitcoin transaction services. has seven years of operating experience and three years of excellent qualifications with zero security incidents. It has obtained the exchange licenses of Thailand and Dubai, and has established operation centers in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Bangkok, Dubai and other places. Not only has a convenient way to log in, but also can provide users with a lot of information to help users make scientific judgments. In addition, has two mysterious magic weapons to provide powerful assistance to help break through the Filecoin market.

Now the Filecoin market is extremely hot, and both exchanges and users can obtain considerable profits. Because of this, the Filecoin market presents a scene of battles. Surrounded by powerful players, relies on two major supports to stand firmly in this fiercely competitive Filecoin market. One is rich virtual currency operation experience, and the other is the two trump cards in hand, FIL6Z and QFIL.

For many exchanges, they have rich virtual currency operation experience. Therefore, the key to's breakthrough in the Filecoin market is FIL6Z and QFIL. FIL6Z can be classified as FIL6. This is also the type of futures selected by many exchanges. The number after FIL represents how long it takes for FIL to be released for delivery after the mainnet goes online. Purchasing FIL6 means that the exchange needs to exchange FIL futures into real FIL on the Filecoin network to investors within 6 months of the mainnet launch.'s FIL6Z has the following advantages: First, it has strong liquidity and can be circulated on multiple platforms; second, the payment time is short; third, the payment method of FIL6Z is under the SAFT agreement, which can greatly reduce the user's risk.

FIL6Z is already very attractive, but QFIL will be even more attractive. QFIL is a Filecoin token based on the ERC2.0 version launched by QuickCash. The current total supply is 10,000 (obtained in the Filecoin space race) and can be exchanged for FIL 1:1 after the Filecoin mainnet is launched. After holding QFIL, you can also participate in DeFi project mining. It is worth mentioning that QFIL can be exchanged for 1:1 unlimited exchange within 15 to 30 days after Filecoin is online, and its redemption time is much lower than FIL series futures. Since most of the market is FIL futures, it takes at least 6 months for FIL to circulate. However, in the early days of Filecoin, it was necessary to increase the currency's liquidity to obtain high profits.'s QFIL is enabling Filecoin's liquidity to increase substantially. As expected, QFIL caused a sensation when it came to market. There has been a very large increase so far.

At the same time, because Filecoin has a very high degree of attention, it will also cause significant pressure on Filecoin's initial mining. Premature pledge of FIL will create more profits, but the initial supply is far from meeting the market demand, so it will be very important to redeem it earlier. QFIL of has such characteristics.

Although the Filecoin market is fiercely competitive, based on the above, it can be seen that it is easy for to break the Filecoin market. This is all due to the two major products of the platform and's extremely strong strength. The Filecoin market is the main force being the users, and the advantages of will be transformed into the reassurance of users, and those who get the heart of users will gain the market.