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How Office Automation Helps Under COVID-19


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2020 --Due to the COVID-19 in 2020, "contactless" working mode and lifestyle gets rising awareness of a healthy and safe work space. Hence, office automation solution is becoming more and more popular in office buildings.

Once, what intuitive feeling we had for the office space while working just lied in lighting intensity and temperature variation. Nowadays, the emphasis is on the design of intelligent office space with automatic response to promote the concept of contactless communication and cooperation to reduce the cross infection caused by switches and buttons.

GVS intelligent office control system can meet the requirements of modern intelligent office buildings, and achieve the optimal control of lighting constant illumination, sunshade, temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration in the office building through the control of various terminal electrical equipment, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning, sunshade louvers, central ventilation system, concentrated timing, etc.

Some successful cases by GVS are listed as follows:

01 Suning Corporate Headquarters Tower

Suning Global International Center, a 5A Grade A office building developed and operated by Suning Global Group, a large comprehensive private industrial group, also serves as the new headquarter tower of Suning Corporate.

What GVS provides is the scene control and timing management of office space lighting without manual watch over, which means the enterprises only need to adopt the strategy of one panel for one area to realize intelligent control through a unified platform, hence less cross infection will happen and a safe and convenient working environment is guaranteed.

02 Star of Optical Valley Headquarters Building by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

The China Construction ·Star of Optical Valley building  is a giant complex in the Optical Valley area, which also serves as the urban complex featuring with eco energy saving that has won gold certification by LEED-CS, known as the "Oscar Award" in the construction industry. GVS has customized a full set of intelligent office solution for this headquarter building to achieve intelligent control of the indoor VRV central air conditioning.

The current indoor temperature can be intelligently detected and monitored all the time through the smart touch panel with its own temperature detector. For example, when the current temperature is detected to be 30 degrees after the user presets the constant temperature of the product, the operation function will be automatically started inside the product, and then instructions will be sent to the air conditioning host to realize the constant temperature intelligent control of the current temperature.

Besides, advanced logic operation also directly omits the step of manual watch over. If there is no one in the detection area, the office automatically carry out the logical operation combining with the timing function to shut off the power, preventing the possibility of forgetting to turn off the air conditioning or lights in the office area.

GVS has provided intelligent lighting, dimming and motion inductive control for its public areas. The ambient brightness is detected by the illuminance of the sensor and connected with DALI dimming module to realize the automatic ambient brightness adjustment.

03 Marisfrolg Headquarter, Shenzhen

Founded in 1993, the new headquarter building of Marisfrolg is located in Dalang Creative Park, Fashion Industry Base, Longhua District, Shenzhen, covering an area of 50,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 100,000 square meters.

The Marisfrolg (Shenzhen) headquarter building is designed regularly with geometrical shapes, such as parabola and helix, with a variety of lighting equipment and control loops. At the same time, the implementation of GVS smart office solutions with light control as the core adds more difficulties.

An intelligent office control system, which connects each independent equipment in the office, can really achieve the so-called smart office. Taking the measures to simplify the complex and adapt to local conditions, GVS also achieve the intelligent lighting control for Marisfrolg, which applies various kinds of products based on KNX protocol , such as dimming actuators, 4 Fold, dimming actuators, 2 Fold, 5A with auxiliary products, KNX power supply, 1-10V DC dimmer controller, 4 Fold, 16A and line couplers. The office lighting scene is intelligently set through the KNX smart touch panel, which contributes greatly to the development of contactless working mode in the office.

These are only a few examples that GVS has offered, needless to say, the smart office solution nowadays has become more and more important for every company and GVS, as a senior KNX manufacturer and solution provider, is one of the best company in smart building solutions.

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