How One Home-Sized Keg Is Revolutionizing Brewing

For many, homebrewing beer has always seemed appealing until faced with the cost of a keg. EcoDraft is here to change that with an array of high-performance, low-cost kegs.


Brussels, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2016 --In the last ten years, eight hundred thousand Americans have begun homebrewing beer. (1) This reflects a pattern of exponential growth of demand for in-home kegs, and an annual rate of growth of over twenty percent during some years. (2) Unfortunately, many people feel it is impractical to experiment with homebrewing because of the cost of the keg and the inability to store produced beer. This is where EcoDraft fills its niche. Through a patented double bag system EcoDraft is able to provide a practical method of beer storage while keeping prices low at 30 USD. With this level of affordability it is easy to see how EcoDraft has the potential to make in-home brewing as mainstream as in-home coffee makers.

Aside from the affordability of EcoDraft stands the quality of construction. EcoDraft wants to give its clients the best brew possible, and this in 1-way version as well in a re-usable version. To achieve this goal EcoDraft started with high-end raw materials: virgin HDPE for the keg body, stainless steel for the neck, and glass fiber to reinforce the keg. This composition of materials makes the EcoDraft keg nearly indestructible and much more resistant to scratches and dents than the typical stainless steel keg. And to make the keg compatible with any style of beer, the coupler is completely replaceable ( Sankey and Slider coupling available ). As of it's character of replaceable inner double bag system with valves, no cleaning operations are necessary, and a simple replacement of the inner works allows home brewers even after fermentation on the keg. Adding to this customization is the wide variety of keg sizes, ranging from a ten liter keg to a thirty liter behemoth.

Ironically, the brilliant design of the kegerator is causing EcoDraft some trouble. The demand for the keg is so high that the company fears it does not have enough capital to produce all the kegs ordered in a timely manner. To remedy this issue EcoDraft has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be treated to everything from an EcoDraft keg to a set of vintage beer pads. With the support of readers EcoDraft truly can revolutionize the world of homebrewing.

About EcoDraft
EcoDraft was founded by Belgian Geert Standaert, an experienced engineer for InBev, the largest brewing company in the world. He hopes to take his knowledge and downsize it into the perfect consumer package. Geert's designs are so sturdy and affordable that the governments of Kenya, Tanzania, and The Democratic Republic of Congo have asked for kegs as an effective and sanitary means of storing filtered water. Geert has made a keg unparalleled in quality, price, and performance, and now he is working hard to get his craftsmanship into the hands of the world.

To learn more or support EcoDraft visit the Kickstarter campaign page.