How One Platform, Godz Favor, Promotes Joy Worldwide

With today’s negative media focus, the public is dying to be shown some good news. Here to help is a budding media platform, Godz Favor, showcasing clear examples of God’s love.


Riverside, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2016 --With the current negativity surrounding everything from politics at home to controversial foreign affairs, everyone would do well to be shown some genuinely uplifting news. This desire is perhaps best quantified with the popularity of the subreddit discussion forum on Reddit titled 'UpliftingNews'. This month the discussion board hit eight million subscribers (*). To respond to this demand is the budding platform named Godz Favor. Godz Favor will feature twenty unique examples of God's love from around the world. What's more is that this list will be user-submitted and updated every hour, allowing diversity in posts.

The process is simple. Users who experience God's favor can write about their experience and submit their post for consideration in the hourly top ten. Users who simply witness an act of God can also submit to the top ten witnessed acts of love. From there the Godz Favor team will distribute this enlightening news to the masses via the Godz Favor website, iPhone, and Android platforms, ensuring even mobile users have the opportunity to enjoy uplifting events. Even readers will feel blessed just by learning about positivity events elsewhere.

Another goal of the platform is to build a welcoming community. With a community-regulated comment section, users will be able to both support positive acts and feel the warmth of the community as their own posts are praised. Unfortunately, a platform as developed as this requires a significant amount of funding to get rolling. To remedy this issue Godz Favor has turned to a Kickstarter-hosted crowdfunding campaign. Funds raised will primarily go towards the app's development as well as a customer service center built to answer the pressing questions of any user. Backers can support Godz Favor either monetarily or through word of mouth, sharing news of the campaign with friends or family. In return patrons will be treated with everything from early platform access to T-shirts, posters, and hoodies. With the support of readers, Godz Favor is well on its way to energizing and enlightening the world.

About Godz Favor
Godz Favor was inspired by the widespread references by bishops and priests to people and actions in God's favor. The creators thought to group these occurrences and distribute the good news to the masses, brightening the days of the often dreary public. The team plans to develop and iPhone version, a PC version, and an Android version in that order, rolling out the final product this December.

To learn more or support the campaign visit the Kickstarter campaign page.