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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Social Life and Maybe Gender Equality

The gap between the number of female users of online dating apps and that of male users' is narrowing down conspicuously.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2021 --It is known to all that the COVID-19 has remarkably impacted human lives and work in every regard. The world economy, people's health, food supply and so forth are shattered tremendously. Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining. What hasn't been noticed is that COVID-19 pandemic, as a matter of fact, is energetically changing social lives and potentially promoting gender equality, specifically on the methods and attitudes of females adopt toward dating and hookups.

America is a country that reigns over hookup culture, where bars and night clubs were used to be the main battlefields. Most females used to play the passive roles as males taking more initiative. However, with bars and nightclubs closed on March, 2020, ordered by governors and mayors, the patterns and attitudes are changing stealthily.

According to a research conducted with one of the top online dating & hookup apps - Xdate, it is estimated that since the outbreak of coronavirus, the monthly growing rate of total registering has increased to approximately 26% over the past year, compared with around 19% before the pandemic, with a compelling prominence of female number growth of around 33%. With regard to female to male ratio, it has also varied from 1/7 in early 2020 to 1/4 in 2021. That is to say, the gap between the number of female users of online dating apps and that of male users' is narrowing down conspicuously, which demonstrates that increasingly females are being more proactive in pursuing their own happiness instead of waiting to be hunted.

On the basis of the interview participated by 20 female users who have never tried online date hookup apps, 17 of them admitted that with bars and nightclubs closed down, they realized they need to take more initiative in order to retain their social life as of old. "It's not safe to go outside these days, so online dating sites will eventually become a necessity for us", Susan said, a 23-year-old college student who is finishing her senior year by taking online courses at home. "All my friends are using it. They persuaded me into it. I wouldn't do it if it weren't for the fact that I'm locked down at home and have nowhere to go." Here's another comment from a 19 years old student.

Female can and will grasp destiny in our own hands and that includes the courage to take initiative when we see the right one, not only on date hookup apps, but also in daily life.

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