How the Locus App Makes Nightlife More Social

As clubs and bars become more numerous, it can seem hard to pick the right one. To help remedy this issue is Locus, allowing meetups and eliminating awkward loneliness.


Victoria, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2016 --Registered drinking locations across Canada number over four thousand, (1) and this number is on the rise. As a result there are a variety of low-attendance nightclubs and bars that an unsuspecting person looking for a fun night out could fall into. Instead of dancing and drinking with familiar faces, he is left in a bar with only a few strangers around him. This is where Locus fills its niche. Locus is an app designed to provide real time data on the attendance, hours, and more of every nightclub and bar around. But Locus also has a social connectivity aspect for those looking for a friend to club with.

After selecting a bar or nightclub, Locus users then RSVP to the location with the time they are attending. This process allows Locus to get a better gauge of how many people are enjoying their time any given location. Additionally, Locus users, once they have RSVP'd, are able to see a list of other users who have also RSVP'd, allowing people to know ahead of time who of their friends will be there. And for those looking to socialize and meet new people, Locus facilitates conversation between RSVP'd users. In this way no one will have to 'go it alone' at a club or bar. Instead everyone can know where their friends are clubbing and make new friends with those interested in the same location.

Aside from Locus' value of socialization stands ease-of-use. With a variety of filters, users can quickly narrow down locations by number of attendees, cover charge costs, and more. To augment this easy selectivity, each location is complete with information on hours, comments, and pictures, giving onlookers an idea of what the feel of the bar or club is. Unfortunately there is one hindrance to this amazing app: funding. Although the app is already in development, Locus needs help rounding out the tedious legal work that comes with creation. To solve this issue Locus has launched a 18,000 CAD crowd funding campaign, and hopes readers will help support the innovative app. Together Locus hopes to make the bar scene even more fun through socialization and quality selection.

About Locus
Locus was envisioned by Connor Foreman, a world-class triathlete. He aims to put the same drive and dedication he held for race into Locus, making it the best it can be. Connor has turned his attention away from racing and towards his education, allowing him time to prepare for its launch in January 2017.

For more information or to fund the project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.