How the Widdenburg Watch Unlocks New Phone Functionality

In terms of technology, functionality is everything. Here to expand the functionality of nearly any device is the RFID-enabled Widdenburg Watch, adding functionality and form to anyone’s life.


Munich, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2016 --In technology there has been a single, definable trend towards one thing: convenience. From the development and furthering of WiFi and Bluetooth to the expansion of smart devices onto wrists, technology is growing for convenience's sake. To see evidence of this trend one only has to look at computational devices, which have moved from desktops to laptops to tablets and so on. The Widdenburg Watch is here to expand on this same notion of convenience while expanding the functionality of currently prevalent devices like phones and padlocks. Through a built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, the Widdenburg Watch is able to sense and communicate with nearby devices. This design is perfectly convenient as all a user has to do to access this new functionality is bring a device close to the wrist-worn watch.

When the Widdenburg Watch is tapped by a phone or other device a variety of pre-programmable responses are able to automatically activate. For example, a user could have the watch configured so that a WiFi password can be swiftly shared a friend by tapping the friend's device to the watch. But the possibilities do not stop there. Wearers of the Widdenburg Watch are able to do anything with just a tap, ranging from the opening of an app, to the calling of an emergency contact, to pulling up directions home. The watch can even unlock RFID-enabled locks. What's more is that all of these features require minimal effort to set up. The watch is open to any third party app or RFID based product.

Aside from the newfound functionality of the watch stands the form of it. The Widdenburg Watch was expertly designed with a traditional analog clock face. The design team paid attention to every detail from the notching on the watch's crown to the orientation of the complications. The watch is available in a standard and smart version, and comes in two color options: black and white. Both of these designs employ striking contrast and elegant design principles. Additionally, the Widdenburg Watch features the characteristically smooth, yet accurate, Japan movement core. These design features alongside the brilliant functionality provided by the watch makes the Widdenburg Watch a truly innovative step in watchmaking.

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