New Roads Construction, Inc.

How This Man Was Shot, Stabbed and Developed a Secret Formula to Alleviate Roofing Woes for Oklahomans


Oklahoma City, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2010 -- Walt Madden is an extraordinary human being. He has done a lot of things in his lifetime. From teaching inner city teenagers and working with gang members. He's been through the school of hard knocks. He was even once shot and stabbed for his trouble. However this didn't stop Walt from caring about people, nor did it waiver him from his integral values.

Walt owns and operates a roofing company he started in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. Being a family man, he's been incredibly successful juggling business and family life. He's worked in Oklahoma for several years commuting between states to do business. Now he's bringing his brand of integrity to Oklahoma and hopes to help Oklahomans with the roofing shortfall it finds itself in. One of Walt's clients told me he came by and asked her if he could crawl up on her roof to give an estimate. She told him to go right ahead. After inspection it was apparent to Walt that the roof wasn't damaged enough to meet the deductible for her insurance. So he pulled a bundle of shakes from his truck crawled up on her roof and spent the afternoon replacing worn shingles. She told me, “He shook my hand, handed me a card and said no charge.” “Who does that?” Said the woman. Apparently New Roads Construction Inc. does that. Another customer had a driveway that had been undermined by years of water runoff from the roof. Unbeknown to the homeowner or the roofing crew who pulled a large truck onto the slab causing it to crumble. Walt didn't even bat an eyelid, he just said, “I'll have that fixed as soon as we're done with your roof.” “We broke it, so we'll fix it.” And he did.

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