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"How to Become a Celebrity" Book Causes Outcry

A book on how to become famous is causing frustration to parents and career advisors.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2013 --A book called How to Become a Celebrity by Charles Hopkins-Thyme is causing controversy in the US—outraging some parents and career advisors, yet receiving praise from others.

The book shows, according to its publishers, step-by-step how anyone can become famous—and has become a hit among young aspiring actors and teenagers dreaming of fame and fortune. But the book is certainly not to everyone’s taste. Karen, a mother of two teenage daughters, was furious when she found her daughters reading the book.

“Teenagers should be aiming at building a proper career, based on education and hard work—not trying to become celebrities,” Karen commented. “That book is banned in my house. It is a result of a sick society where fame and fortune seem to be the only things that count.”

A high school career counselor, posting in an online forum, said the book was “dangerous because it can lead to students dropping traditional education in favor of dreams of quick fame and easy money.”

Such comments are miles away from the reviews the book has received on such sites as Amazon. There the book is praised for its practical advice and direct approach to a life in the limelight. “It's really all about selling yourself, and this book is a must-have,” one reviewer commented. “Who has never dreamed of becoming a celebrity? I know I have, and I loved this book.”

The author, Charles Hopkins-Thyme, known to many as the success counselor to the stars after having helped some of Hollywood’s biggest names to success, was unavailable for comments. His Monaco-based spokesman, Claes Zangenberg, however, described the criticism as absurd and narrow-minded:

“Taking career advice from a career counselor is like taking business advice from someone running a lemonade stand. It’s bound to leave you with pretty low ambitions,” Mr. Zangenberg commented. “Young people should be allowed to aspire for success.”

The book is available both in paperback and as an ebook from major booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.