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How to Choose the Best Travel Daypack for Your Summer Vacation

Experienced travelers know that a good travel daypack can be one of the most convenient and valued items they pack for their vacation, with five factors to be considered when choosing a daypack.


Bulimba, Queensland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2016 --With summer approaching, many people are currently planning their vacation with eager anticipation. But if the vacation is to be a great success many things other than travel arrangements need to be considered. The challenging part can be working out what to pack to meet travel needs without being burdened by bulky or heavy luggage, while also packing some travel-specific items to ease anticipated inconveniences of travel. One such invaluable item is the humble daypack.

Most travelers delight in a full day out sightseeing, exploring, trekking, shopping and just wandering, but this often involves carrying extra things to meet the demands of the day. Weather brings with it the need for additional or different clothing such as sun hats, warm coats or rain protection. Some activities require specific items such as swimming costumes or hiking boots. Local arts and crafts are wonderful souvenirs and gifts, but they can be awkward to carry around all day.

A popular solution with experienced travelers is a lightweight packable daypack which folds into a small ultralight package to carry in luggage, then opens into a good sized backpack for a day of sightseeing and activities. Lightweight daypacks are not an expensive item to purchase, but having the right one will make a big difference to vacation convenience and comfort.

From years of travel experience Clarity Travel Solutions have identified five factors to consider when choosing the best travel daypack.

1. Weight: An ideal daypack is very lightweight, preferably less than half a pound.
2. Packablity: The daypack should fold into a small pocket sized space so it can be packed in a suitcase or carried in a purse or a coat pocket.
3. Well designed: It needs to have a large section into which bulkier items like coats will fit, but it also needs a smaller roomy front pocket for smaller items such as a guide book or map, sunglasses, snacks or a cap. Space for drink bottles is a handy addition.
4. Good quality fabric: A travel daypack should be made of a strong, durable contemporary fabric that is rip-resistant. Nylon fabric is stronger than polyester for this purpose. It must also be manufactured very well, with reinforced seams, to take the wear and tear of travel and not to let you down when needed. Be aware that the stronger fabrics often are not available in bright fashion colors, so color may have to be sacrificed for quality.
5. Wide shoulder straps: Because it needs to be able to be folded into a very small package, this style of backpack will not have the heavily padded shoulder straps of heavy duty backpacks. However for your comfort the shoulder straps need to be a good width and have a light backing.

At Clarity Travel Solutions we recommend the RovEasy lightweight travel daypack.

Clarity Travel Solutions offers products that solve common travel inconveniences for discerning travelers. Their brand name RovEasy reflects the company vision of offering quality travel accessories that enhance the comfort and ease of traveling at any age.

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