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How to Get More YouTube Views

We will generate a real buzz around your video that should help you climb up those search ratings to bring your video thousands and thousands of YouTube views.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2012 --Generating YouTube views can be quite a challenge in today's market on YouTube. With so many new videos going in to YouTube every single day, how do we find the time to market our videos so we can get the views needed to become a popular video in YouTube? We all start with our first video that we have made and find that we want to share it with other people and our friends. But the question is, how do we get those views to our video? Is there some kind of magic formula? Is there some kind of video search engine optimization that is needed for YouTube? Well in this article, I hope I am able to answer your question on how to generate those views to your YouTube video.

First of all we need to understand what area or market you will be targeting with your video. You will need to do a keyword or keyword phrase research, not only using Google's keyword tool, but also YouTube's keyword tool. Here you should be able to get a good idea on what people search for in your market. Even though you have done your YouTube research, it will not bring you views. But you are on the right path to delivering more views to your YouTube video. Oh, don't forget to save your video under your main keyword or keyword phrase before you upload it.

Now it is time to upload your video to YouTube. Yeah! We are beginning! So, during the upload process You will want to remove the dashes in your video that separates the keywords from your title. This is very important! Also you might want to extend your title to be a little longer by adding a few words. Making it readable to your viewers. For example: If I was creating a YouTube video about "YouTube Views" and this was my title and keyword phrase, I would extend it out a little bit by adding something like "Buy Real and Genuine YouTube Views". That way I just nailed a few good keywords and keyword phrases in my title. But still, this is not going to bring you the views you need for your YouTube video. We are getting closer.

Next you will need to optimize your description section. This is below the title of your YouTube video. You need to start right from the git-go with your keyword or keyword phrase and leading it into the URL of your website. And then, being the creative person you are, somehow blending that into the story about your video or whatever it may be. Your description should contain your keywords a few times, but do not over do it. This will help YouTube of understanding a little on where to place your video.

Lets move into the tags, what are tags? Well this is the are after your description that is going to tell YouTube where to categorize your video. So here you need to add the keywords that you have researched that will bring you the views in the right niche. Now, once this is done, is it going to deliver you the views that you need? Of course not! Why? because you are not in the number one position in YouTube for your keyword search. How do I know this? I just know. But you will be somewhere very near. After about an hour you should search the YouTube pages to see where you stand for your main keyword or keyword phrase. Great! you have found your video. Yeah! O.k., So, What is the next step to get you to the top so you can finally get viewers. Well here is the sauce. Once you have completed the steps above correctly, YouTube will still not consider your video worthy until you have generated views.

So, how do we generate these views? Well we buy YouTube views. Believe it or not. This sauce actually works, and it works well, very well. So now it is time to generate your YouTube views. And there are very few companies that can do this correctly. I have found one special ingredient in the sauce pan that will deliver you these YouTube views at