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How to Make Money from Real Estate Secrets Revealed in Free Book – Jackie Lange

The book shares the hidden secrets in how people can make real money with a minimal investment


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2017 --An exciting book that has been written by real estate expert Jackie Lange shares the secrets in how to make money from real estate. The book, titled 5 Ways To Make Money From Real Estate has become so successful it has been featured in the media around the world.

The book, which is available as a free download by visiting has turned the idea that people need money to make a profit from real estate on its head. The book that has sent shockwaves through the real estate industry shows people that real estate is still the best industry to make money from and anyone can be a success no matter how little money they have.

Jackie Lange, a professional real estate investor and co-founder of Jack Miller's Center for Real Estate Wealth and founder of Extreme Success Group with over 100 offices in cities nationwide decided to write the book to help people improve their wealth and lifestyle. However, not everyone is happy the book has been written. Real estate professionals who enjoy the fruits that the industry bring want to keep the secrets quiet and keep the belief that people need to have a lot of money and need to purchase properties and become landlords to enjoy the financial rewards. But now, more people are becoming aware of how they too can be a real estate professional success thanks to 5 Ways To Make Money From Real Estate.

The book is full of the right information of how to make real money from real estate covering all the tips and advice people need. Not only does the book share the secrets, but it is also available for free.

Jackie Lange said: "For too long now people have thought that you need to purchase property and become a landlord to make money from real estate but that is not the case. There are many ways to become a success in real estate and my book shares those secrets."

The book has become such a huge success that people who have downloaded the book have started making money from real estate within one week. Others who had a full-time job have now handed in their notice and made real estate their new career, achieving higher financial rewards than their previous career offered.

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About Jackie Lange
Jackie Lange is a successful businesswoman who has become one of the best-known real estate experts in the USA.