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How to Make the Right Choice when Hiring a Public Adjuster


Feasterville-Trevose, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2017 --Filing a claim is a stressful situation for any property owner. Insurance policies are written with complex language that is used to confuse the policy holder and deny coverage. What's worse is that insurance company adjusters are instructed to minimize losses and pay the least amount of money according to the policy provisions.

The policy holder can feel helpless when filing a claim, that's why a public adjuster is a property owner's best resource when filing a claim. Unfortunately, public adjusters sometimes have a bad reputation. They are accused of profiting from the misery of policy holders' and charging unnecessarily high contingent fees. That's why it's important for the policy holder to do their due diligence before hiring a public adjuster.

Before hiring a public adjuster in Camden NJ, it is best to look up the firm online. Research customer testimonials and online reviews. Frustrated policy holders will naturally leave negative reviews on firm's web listing. When the public adjuster arrives at the policy holder's home for a consultation, it is best to ask for a list of references. If the public adjuster has been successful in the past, then it will be easy for the public adjuster to provide a list of satisfied clients.

The policy holder should also be aware that the public adjuster in Bristol, PA works solely on a contingent fee. Any public adjuster that arrives at a property demanding money upfront for their services is working illegally. Public adjusters are like lawyers, they are paid a percentage of the claim after the settlement is awarded. Never trust any public adjuster asking to work for an hourly rate.

The policy holder must be aware that the claim is negotiable. The best public adjusters will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Be aware of public adjusters charging exorbitant fees. Typically, the smaller the loss the larger the contingent fee. If a public adjuster demands a high contingent fee for a small loss, then the public adjuster is most likely a scam artist.

A public adjuster can be a policy holder's best friend or worst enemy. It is important for the property owner to do their homework before hiring a public adjuster. After a loss, consult with AAA Public Adjusters and schedule a free consultation. Call toll free 800-410-5054 or visit their website at

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