Hal Abramson

How to Promote Concerts, Simplified

Concert Industry Book released online - Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2008 -- It’s not so simple. So Hal Abramson spent the last 5 years editing, to reduce a complicated business into 140 pages. He has made and lost fortunes promoting concerts, festivals, circuses and trade shows. In a business with no schools, Abramson, now 53, has abridged his Bible of the business. HOW NOT TO PROMOTE CONCERTS & MUSIC FESTIVALS, a best seller in it’s category online since 2000, is now reconstituted into a succinct, step-by-step insider’s guide on the art of promoting concerts called HOW TO PROMOTE CONCERTS, SIMPLIFIED.

It first took Abramson 25 years to compile enough notes, plans, proposals, contacts and facts to write the How-Not-To book in late 1999. Starting as a 160 page, admittedly poorly written compilation of experiences, into the present 322-page behemoth of what-to-do and what not-to-do, has gone over big. Selling almost 3,000 copies, now with a CD containing 20 usable forms, Abramson has repeatedly received requests for a simpler version for layman and beginning promoters. Many have thanked him for saving them a fortune and some have decided not to promote as a result of reading the raw truth.

“We live in a day when people don’t want all of the detailed education, they just want to promote or are already promoting and need help”, Hal said. Requests have demanded a more streamlined, more direct approach. The new 140-page version removes much of the watch-out-for, and just reduces all of the variables into an easily understood, “anybody can promote” edition. Concerts are a puzzle of components that need to match up or you won’t break even. HOW TO PROMOTE, simplifies what it takes to do better than break even and increase your chances of winning on your first event.

He admits that no matter how smart you are, you’re likely to get hammered on your first event. “That’s part of the education, making mistakes.” Hal said. Promoters have their own signature and style. No two promoters do everything the same way. But there are standardized ways of methodically executing the various stages of the promoting and producing process. The book breaks down each component.

New promoters are shocked to see the cost of entering the business. Shrewd talent agents calculate the artist’s share per seat, making it hard to profit. How to figure what you should pay the act, how to negotiate with agents, how to promote, estimate the attendance and how to correctly price the tickets, it’s all covered in this simplified book. It confirms answers to questions, and those you hadn’t thought of.

Promoters are not the most altruistic people. There is no incentive for established promoters to help you or guide you. “What, they should tell you everything so you can compete against them?” Abramson is different. One of the most controversial promoters of our time, Abramson states, “I really enjoy helping new promoters who haven’t yet learned vindictive, hateful behavior. They have promoting dreams and a lot of drive. If I can help them promote correctly, it helps the industry.”

Hal Abramson offers 33 years of event marketing experience, stating that he is both an Operational Marketer, concerned with procedures and documents, and also a creative ad designer. The Promoter of Stompin 76, a huge music festival held in VA in the bicentennial year, and a former Ringling Bros. Circus/ Ice Follies Marketing Director, Hal has also promoted dozens of other concerts and music festivals.

Promoters in every state and many countries have appreciated Hal’s generous insight. “Out of many pro bono calls where new promoters need help, some hire me for consulting where I do everything from thinking up concepts like “GamersShowdown”, to managing entire projects, like “JamSouth and UniteFest”. The book will help any marketer promote, regardless of your music type or even industry. Abramson constantly re-edits both books to stay current, so you won’t find it in bookstores.

Only available online at http://www.concert-promotions.com, the site enables book buyers to just pick up the phone and talk to Hal about their projects. He’ll gladly help you learn HOW TO PROMOTE.