How to Protect the Skin from Harmful UV Rays This Summer

The sun’s UV rays can very harmful to the skin without taking the proper precautions. Here are 3 tips for keeping the skin safe while having fun outside this summer


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2016 --The Summer sun doesn't always equal summer fun. Though we all could use a little fresh air and could benefit from spending time outdoors, the sun's UV rays can be very harmful to the skin without taking the proper precautions. Here are 3 tips for keeping the skin safe while having fun outside this summer.

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UV rays can be as strong on cloudy, hazy days as it is on bright, sunny ones. The time when UV exposure is likely to be greatest is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. during daylight savings time and during the late spring and early summer in North America. Though protection from UV rays is important all year round. These tips, as shared by the American Skin Association, will help to avoid the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays.

1. Utilize The Shadow Rule
An easy way to determine when to stay out of the sun is by following the shadow rule: "Short Shadow- Seek Shade." The intensity of UV rays is directly related to the angle of the sun or altitude above the horizon. The shadow rule indirectly determines the sun's altitude by observing the length of a person's shadow during the course of the day. When a person's shadow is shorter than the person is tall, the intensity of the UV rays from the sun is more likely to cause sunburn.

2. Wear Protective Clothing
The best protective clothes are loose fitting garments made from fabric that is tightly woven. Darker colors may offer more protection than light-colored clothing, and dry clothes provide better protection than wet ones. A wide-brimmed hat that offers a lot of shade is the best choice for protecting head, face and neck. If long pants and a long sleeved shirt can't be worn because of the temperature, it is important to wear a dry T-shirt, stay in the shade as much as possible, and always wear sunscreen.

3. Use Sunscreen
Sunscreens provide protection by absorbing, reflecting or scattering the sun's rays. They may also contain chemicals that interact with the skin to protect it from UV rays. Sunscreens are rated according to their effectiveness by the sun protection factor (SPF). A product's SPF number helps determine how long the product will protect the skin before needing to re-apply it. For example, those who normally burn in 20 minutes, applying an SPF 15 sunscreen will provide protection for about 300 minutes, or five hours (SPF 15 x 20 minutes = 300 minutes). A person with lightly pigmented skin who burns in 10 minutes would be protected for only about two-and-a-half-hours with SPF 15 (SPF 15 x 10 minutes = 150 minutes).

Sunscreens with SPF numbers higher than 15 may work well for people who have lightly pigmented skin, live at high altitudes, or work or play outdoors much of the day. To get the most protection from sunscreen, apply it liberally at least 30 minutes before going outside and remember to re-apply it after swimming or perspiring heavily.

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