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How to Provide Comprehensive IT Support for About 2,000 Employees


Kazan, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2019 --ICL Services' customer — the large international pharmaceutical company. The customer needed comprehensive equipment and software service and support. Since August 2015, the ICL Services has been providing the Company with a full stack of support services for about 2,000 employees.

Service Desk

There are about ten specialists on the first support line who receive requests from any of the Company's divisions regarding the IT systems and register them on the Itilium platform . The first line also sends notifications to employees about maintenance, software updates and other news from the IT department.

The Service Desk receives about 6,000 requests every month, half of which are resolved on the first line. 87% of the requests are received by mail. The Service Desk works 12 hours a day five days a week.

One of the significant criteria of the Service Desk performance is user rating on a scale from one to five. Performance of the ICL Services specialists is rated within the range of 4.95 to 4.98.

If a request is outside the Service Desk specialists' competence or requires a site visit or is too special, its resolution is handed over to the second line of support. There is a large number of such lines, so it is important for the Service Desk to know where a particular application should be forwarded. For example, the 1C platform has several services such as payroll, personnel management, document flow. For each of these there is its own second line.

Current SLA indicators, statistics for the metrics selected together with the customer, scheduled tasks and user ratings are discussed at the weekly operation meetings with the customer.

On-site support

The CL Services provides the pharmaceutical company with the on-site support. Six on-site engineers are permanently present at the Company head office to resolve the issues that require their attendance, such as replacing a power supply unit or connecting equipment. There are special performance criteria for requests from the customer's VIP representatives such as CEO or heads of the key departments: a dedicated on-site engineer is to address any VIP call immediately.

The ICL Services has 11 third support line teams to support servers, telephony, network equipment, databases and backup systems. There is also a special on-site team to deal with prompt repairs and, whenever necessary to forward equipment to the ICL Services maintenance centre.

Any issue is supposed to be resolved within 4 hours to 5 working days — depending on its priority. For certain type of issues the resolution time has been minimised. Thus, data transfer from a laptop under repair to a new one used to take a long time while its user could not work for this reason. Now an employee would hand in their laptop for repair in the evening and collect a new laptop next morning with all the data and software transferred from the old laptop. This reduces idle time virtually down to zero.

Working relationship with the ICL Services is not limited to handling incidents. For example, the ICL Services experts have developed a handbook application that helps users to independently deal with typical problems in a convenient format.

The customer has more than a thousand field staff, so it is important that their equipment is fault-free at all times. If the technical support would fail to give a laptop to a new employee within five working days such employee would be on the payroll but useless for the company. Therefore, having an efficient and reliable service provider is imperative for the customer.

'We enjoy the global support while the ICL Services takes care of some of the local functions. It is a good contractor providing us with the first, second and third support lines; they have been supporting us for over three years.

Whatever the ICL Services are in charge works without any fault. The main advantage of the Company is that its specialists can hear me and are ready to change along with us. And since we are a pharmaceutical company, we have high standards and even higher expectations. Any arising issues are resolved immediately: We get in touch every week over the telephone, meet once a month and once in four months, with concerned parties of various levels invitied,' the customer's service manager notes.


- The Service Desk receives about 6,000 requests per month.

- 87% of the requests are received by mail.

- The Service Desk works 12 hours a day five days a week

- The support is rendered to about 2,000 employees

- The customer evaluation of our service ranges between 4.95 and 4.98 (on a scale from 1 to 5)

- 11 ICL Services teams successfully work on the third support line

- Idle time has been reduced to almost zero through optimising approaches to equipment serviceability recovery.

A handbook application has been developed in order to help users independently deal with typical problems in a convenient format.

About ICL Services
ICL Services operates in the international market since 2006 and is the largest IT company in ICL Group.

To date ICL Services has about 1,400 employees working successfully with over 80 major clients from 30 countries providing IT maintenance services 24 hours 7 days a week in English, Russian, French and German.