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How to Pursue an Emotional Distress Claim in Florida

Emotional distress suits are not as easy as they look on TV, there specific guidelines that can make or break the case that only an experienced attorney can help clients navigate.


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2016 --Sinclair Law has been around for over 30 years. Its only mission is to ensure that all clients not only receive the support they need when they have suffered from an accident, but also that they are treated fairly, that is why Brad Sinclair offers free consultations to all potential clients so that they will be aware of the specific difficulties that can arise during the types of cases they're trying to pursue, as well the likelihood that they will receive the type of outcome they want. This is crucial, since there are certain cases that it is important to be hesitant when pursuing, such as suits for emotional distress.

Emotional distress is the type of case that writers of the legal fiction genre love.

One person has felt wronged by another, and feels that they must pay for it, all in order to keep a sense of fairness.

Unfortunately in many cases, it's a type of claim that is best kept to television and books. There are very strict guidelines which govern this type of claim, and that must be met in order to be brought to trial. Under Florida law, these guidelines focus on the severity of the damage done, how long it will impact the person for, and whether or not it alters the person's life in such an outrightly negative manner, that the victim will never be able to return to life as normal.

While these are some particularly strong guidelines, they are meant to protect both parties. After an accident, there is usually going to be a deal of emotional trauma that follows. Whether it is anxiety, fear, etc. that plagues the victim, generally this will pass, meaning that the focus on the claim must stay on receiving just compensation for medical bills, vehicle or property repairs, loss of wages, or any other particulars of the case. However, if these feelings turn into a long term disorder (such as depression, agoraphobia, etc) or causes the victim to lose the ability to function in a way that makes it impossible for them to work, an emotional distress case should undoubtedly be pursued.

As there is no real marker for what counts as a long term effect, it is of extreme importance to consult with an experienced lawyer, who has access to a network of qualified experts who can help in the case. They will be able to adequately talk clients through everything that will happen when they take the case to trial, and rightly advise them on who else the client should talk to in order to provide the courts with the type of information that they would need to make a fair decision.

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