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How to Save Children from Vehicular Heatstroke

American Best Locksmith is working hard to eliminate the threat of vehicular heatstroke with children, pets and the elderly. Here is a short list of tips along with some products designed to assist caregivers in never forgetting a loved one in the hot vehicle.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2014 --Year after year come the horror stories of children who were left inside a vehicle during the hot summer months and succumb to the fatal complications caused by vehicular heatstroke.

Last year alone 44 deaths were caused by vehicular heatstroke that’s 44 lives that could have easily been saved had the parents just taken the few seconds to follow the list of check points when traveling with a child in the car. American Best Locksmith Philadelphia responded to 5 separate calls last summer alone to provide free vehicle unlock service for children who were left inside a vehicle.

Even though these tips are not guaranteed to save every child from this epidemic, the research did discover a product that just might; the 1 Decision Bracelet. This bracelet is designed to keep children safe in all aspects of life not just while in the vehicle, the bracelet is worn by both the parents and the children and the parents are able to set a distance radius from 10 meters to 50 meters and once the child travels out of the range the bracelet will vibrate instantly reminding the parent that the child is not with them. To learn more about this product visit their website.

Here are some tips to avoid any child becoming another number in the vehicular heatstroke death toll:

1. Always check the back seat before exiting the vehicle and locking the doors. By making this a part of daily routine upon exiting the vehicle it will become second nature to check in back before locking the doors.

2. Place an important object on the floor in the back seat for instance a purse or brief case. If this is done every time one is in the vehicle it again will become habit ensuring that checking the back seat before walking away from the vehicle checking that it is empty.

3. Use a stuffed animal or other large object and place it in the child car seat when they are not in the seat and on the front passenger seat when they are. This will give a visual reminder that the child is in the back and force one to remove them before exiting the vehicle. Again if one does this every day regardless if the child is in the car or not it will become routine making it easier to remember.

4. When dropping a child off at a baby sitter or day care center make an agreement with the caregiver that after a certain time if the child has not made it to them they will give a call to check up. Be sure to give all the methods of contact a cell, office and home number so no matter where one may be if they call the reaction is immediate.

5. The best tip to offer is to purchase the 1 Decision bracelets to ensure that not only with the vehicle but in all areas of life children are as safe as possible.

American Best Locksmith works hand in hand with local police municipalities to respond as quickly as possible to any child locked in a vehicle. Also the same service is available for elderly family members and pets, anyone who is unable to unlock the door themselves.

The first call one should make is always be to the police, and then to American Best Locksmith. Whoever arrives first will unlock the door for free and rescue the loved one trapped inside. Working together we can end this vehicular heat stroke epidemic.

American Best Locksmith is creating an organization of fellow locksmith companies to form a network of first responders for any call relating to a child or pet being locked inside a vehicle. When the call goes out all work will come to a halt and technicians will rush over to the location to save the trapped passengers. To join the network of locksmiths fighting vehicular heatstroke please fill out the form here on the website.