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How to Save Gas Cost by Running Your Car or Truck on Water

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Salina, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2008 -- Ed Hopkins Jr, a life long tinker and inventor discovered how you can drive around using water as fuel and laugh at rising gas costs, while reducing emissions and preventing global warming.

Article Summary: This article looks at the claims of running your car on 100% water and tells you if it's really possible or not.

When you look closely at such 100% water driven technology, one ends up spending even more than using the usual fuel for powering vehicles.

So, the method I recommend for powering your car with water that will save you cost of fuel is to make your own low-cost hybrid car that will run on water and gas, thereby saving you huge costs you would have spent using only gas.

In other words - Hydrogen-On-Demand system where you run your car on Hydrogen WHEN you need it!

Note that I am not saying you should build a car from scratch that will run on water. Not at all. This instead is about constructing simple devices that will enable your car to run on water as well as gas. You don't have to alter your car make-up or get a new car. The technology can work with almost any car or truck.

In simple words, this technology involves putting together home-made devices that use a little electricity out of your car's battery to separate water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). HHO, also known as Hydrogen*Oxygen™ or Hydroxy, burns beautifully and by so doing provides TONS of energy.

And the most remarkable beauty is that this pound for pound HHO gas is even much more potent than gasoline. In fact 3 times more potent than gasoline.

By using such cars you effectively save money that would have been spent on fuel for your car. It is estimated that this could save you as much as $897.40 per year. If you are two, three or four drivers in the family, this yearly savings increases dramatically. And what if you have a fleet of 50 drivers in your company? Then your yearly savings will multiply to $44,870.

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Ed Hopkins Jr , grew up in a family owned independant Automotive repair shop in the late 1960's and early 1970's After a term in the USMC as a turbine compressor mechanic, continues to tinker and invent. To learn more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas powered car, visit http://edwardhopkins.com for all the SECRETS of Water Car Technology

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